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9 good reasons for using technology in the MICE industry

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The importance of technology in the MICE industry

The use of technology has also found its way into the MICE industry. The pandemic has accelerated this development even more. Thanks to various technical tools, the planning and development of events are much more efficient today. This development will continue, although the speed will probably slow down a bit again. However, the focus is still on people, but technology has now become an indispensable helper.

Technology today brings great added value to event attendees. Above all, connectivity has made distances smaller.

Use of technology in the MICE industry

An example of the successful use of technology is online and hybrid event formats. Technological innovations bring people together, regardless of where the participants are located. As a further advantage, costs can also be reduced through the use of technologies.

Reasons for using technology in MICE events

The use of technologies today leads to competitive advantages, and we will explain why.

Technology streamlines event planning and management processes

There are a variety of tools and applications that streamline event processes.

The use of technology can make it much easier to get in touch with attendees, find key contacts or even create a travel itinerary, leading to more direct communication between organizers and also with your audience. Simple networking is already the standard today.

Technology streamlines interaction processes leading up to events

Technology has become the fundamental tool to facilitate operations for both participants and organizers. Hardly any registrations are sent by letter these days. Contact and payment processing before and during the event are standard today. Thanks to new platforms and software, participants have all the tools they need. In addition, the automation process has also progressed. Advertising via media such as e-mail has already replaced paper formats.

Other tools and platforms such as online panels, automated chat systems and social media promotions not only provide attendees with information about the upcoming event but also give them the opportunity to interact with a brand in advance.

Technology controls access controls at events such as trade shows and conferences

When entering a venue, technology helps avoid long waits. Today, a QR code on a mobile phone is sufficient for access.

Other advantages of technology are the improvement of the user experience through time savings and better planning possibilities.

Technology opens the way to interaction

Every good event has strong communication channels. Communication no longer takes place in just one direction, but in 360 degrees.

Participants can now express their opinion on content and speakers and on topics in the run-up to an event. Customer needs can therefore be obtained and analyzed at an early stage. The involvement of the participants also improves the experience and strengthens your own brand.

Social networks spread the event

To socialize, transmit information, analyze your audience and promote the event, social networks are the most economical tool and can lead to great successes.

On the other hand, a great advantage of these tools is that they allow you to get an overview of the expectations of the participants of the event. Social media is an excellent way to get public opinion.

Mobile devices can be used

Beyond applications and systems, mobile devices are indispensable. Nowadays there are no participants who do not have at least one smartphone. A sticking point here, however, can be connectivity.

Events can be followed from anywhere in the world

Distance problems were solved by technologies.

The live streaming model allows attendees to watch events from anywhere in the world and also interact with the event. Real-time including chats is no longer a rarity today.

Technology saves time and money

Economic savings can be reflected in measures such as event promotion or even venue costs. In the latter case, for example, costs can be zero if the event is virtual.

The time savings are also reflected in the fact that practically more than 80% of tasks or activities are automated, such as B. stand guide, information about exhibitors, sending out invitations and admission tickets, administration of admissions, contact with colleagues and guests and much more.

Other tools can be used

One of the most sought-after technology trends is virtual and augmented reality, used by both in-person and streaming service participants.

This is mainly used to create experiences for event participants, for example:

  • Visualization of 3D models of products or services
  • Guided tours of the venue without leaving or entering the premises
  • Locate booths and speakers in real-time
  • Create a group or individual experiences
  • Play corporate videos
  • Can be used for entertainment purposes through games, challenges and activities such as Escape Room style

Technology isn’t everything!

Technology and digital tools are now indispensable and integrated components of events. However, people should still be the focus of an event, because they ultimately make the decisions.