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28 Exhibitions in Colombia You Should Attend

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Exhibitions of all kinds are held in Colombia all year round. Perhaps you belong to the tourism, fashion, technology, or maybe the construction sector and want to know which is the ideal trade show to showcase your products and services? Read on.

Following, you will find a chronological list of the main exhibitions in Colombia for different sectors of the economy.

Note: Attending an exhibition in Colombia might be a striking experience – culturally speaking. So, we’ve written an article on the Do’s and Don’ts as an exhibition visitor to guide you through it.

Exhibitions in Colombia in January

COLOMBIATEX de las Américas

City Medellín
Venue Plaza Mayor Medellín Convenciones y Exposiciones
Organizer Inexmoda
Sector Fashion – Textile

COLOMBIATEX is an international trade show for the fashion industry, where textiles, design, and supplies are the center of attention. It is organized by the Institute for Exports and Fashion (Inexmoda).

The fair has been growing considerably, 2020’s version had 21 participant countries, over 500 exhibitors, and a business expectation of over 750 USD million. For 2021, the event will take place through physical and virtual platforms.


Date January and August
City Bogotá
Venue Corferias Convention Center
Organizer Corferias
Sector Leather

The International Footwear and Leather Show – IFLS occurs twice a year combined with the International Exhibition of Leather Supplies, Machines and Technologies – EICI. They are the largest business platform in Colombia and the Andean Region where manufacturers, buyers, designers, and suppliers of the leather sector gather and share trends.

There you can find all kinds of footwear, clothing, and travel items made of leather. Also, connect with its manufacturers, designers, and suppliers of materials, machines, and other technological devices key to the sector. The program includes fashion shows and conferences too.

Exhibitions in Colombia in February


Frequency Every 2 years.
City Bogotá
Venue Corferias Convention Center
Organizer Koelnmesse, Corferias
Sector Wood and furniture

INTERZUM was first known as the Furniture & Wood Fair. This is a trade show that exhibits machinery, supplies, and services for the industries of wood transformation and furniture manufacturing of Colombia, the Andean region, and Central America.

The 14th edition had over 13,400 professional visitors, 100 national companies, and 92 international companies, closing with business expectations of 13 USD million. INTERZUM Bogotá offers great opportunities to enter this high-potential market.

Vitrina Turística ANATO

City Bogotá
Venue Corferias Convention Center
Organizer Anato, Corferias
Sector Tourism – Travel

Vitrina Turística Anato is the most important event in the tourism industry in Colombia since 1982 and takes place every year in February. The Colombian Association of Travel Agencies and Tourism is in charge of its organization and the event is targeted at professional visitors (businesspeople in the sector), not the general public.

Here, the biggest companies including hotels, travel agencies, and tour operators, showcase their products while other smaller providers and local delegations make the visitors fall in love with their regional destinations.

In 2020, there were 35 countries, all 32 Colombian departments, and 16 Heritage Towns of Colombia involved for a total of 3,400 exhibitors and 42,000 participants. For the 40th version, in 2021, this will be a key setting to reactivate business in the sector, connect with providers from all Colombia and the invited countries, and transition to more sustainable tourism.

Exhibitions in Colombia in March


City Bogotá
Venue Corferias Convention Center
Organizer Federación Odontológica Colombiana, Corferias
Sector Dental

Odontotech is a specialized fair that takes place within the (larger) Meditech Fair.

There you can find the main national companies and representatives of the leading brands in the dental industry nationally and globally to build valuable business connections. It offers the possibility to discover the latest innovations in products and services on dental technology. Therefore, the event is targeted at administrative, financial, and sales managers from dental clinics and other professionals on dental health, as well as international buyers from Latin America.

Meditech – Feria Internacional de la Salud

City Bogotá
Venue Corferias Convention Center
Organizer ACHC, Corferias
Sector Medicine

The International Health Fair – Meditech, has been organized for 7 years by the Colombian Association of Hospitals and Clinics – ACHC, and Corferias. It is the business hub for the health sector in Latin America and its public is highly specialized, with decision-making power, thus facilitating the closing of business deals and networking.

2021 brings a new international partner – Messe Dusseldorf, which is the organizer of the leading health fair Medica. Meditech 2021 “Powered by Medica” is the opportunity to keep up to date with the innovations and trends on medical technology, do business, and connect with the main actors in the industry.


Frequency Every 2 years.
City Bogotá
Venue Corferias Convention Center
Organizer Koelnmesse GmbH, Corferias
Sector Food – Hospitality

Alimentec has become the top platform for the food-restoration and hospitality industry in the Andean region, the Caribbean, and Latin America. This event is ideal to showcase several products and services related to gastronomy and seek business opportunities with leading enterprises.

Segments of the fair go from meats and dairy to bakery, frozen goods, organic products, and drinks. In its last edition, Alimentec had a total of 449 companies from 30 countries, as well as 28,400 professional visitors – who obtained solutions and got to know market news and sector trends from its participation.

Exhibitions in Colombia in April

Feria Internacional del Medio Ambiente – FIMA

Frequency Every 2 years.
City Bogotá
Venue Corferias Convention Center
Organizer Corferias
Sector Environment – Sustainability

The International Environmental Fair is a referent platform promoting sustainability and environmental care in today’s society.

What you can find here is an exhibition of environmental products and services aimed at the productive sector, but the event serves as a meeting point between different actors of the productive chain. The participant sectors are the industries of energy, water treatment, air and climate protection, biodiversity, waste management, the public entities and corporations, the academic sector, international organizations, private companies with environmental projects, among others.

Today, FIMA is the main platform for the dissemination of high-impact environmental programs and projects. Also, it is the most important center for commercial, technological, specialized service, and academic transactions in the region on the sustainability matter.

GAT Expo

City Cartagena
Venue Centro de Convenciones Cartagena de Indias
Organizer 3A Producciones
Sector Gaming – Technology

The Gaming & Technology Expo brings modernity to the classic city of Cartagena every year. Formerly known as FADJA, the GAT Expo now expands to the world of technology as it is what drives innovation to the gaming industry. It is the greatest meeting for global trade between manufacturers, suppliers, national operators, foreigners, and associations.

Platforms, software, cybersecurity, online betting and games, e-sports, and more can be found at this fair. The academic agenda, institutional events, and networking opportunity are other attractions of the GAT Expo. And Colombia, currently with 2,500,000 active online players, is the best location for an event of this level.

Exhibitions in Colombia in May

Feria Internacional del Libro – FILBO

Date Late April – early May
City Bogotá
Venue Corferias Convention Center
Organizer Corferias
Sector Literature – Culture

Bogota’s International Book Fair is one of the most famous exhibitions in the country and Latin America. It revolves around literature and culture and is an amazing experience for both visitors and exhibitors. Every year starting 33 years ago, this fair gathers every actor in the book chain: authors, editors, proofreaders, translators, distributors, agents, and booksellers.

This is the place to discover all the stories from all of Colombia, but also from around the world since there are always international guests. And apart from the commercial exhibition of books and related products, there is a complete academic and cultural agenda that keeps the dynamism of the event.

This year’s fair was held virtually and you can find an online book offer on the webpage.

Expoconstrucción & Expodiseño

Frequency Every 2 years
City Bogotá
Venue Corferias Convention Center
Organizer Corferias
Sector Architecture – Design

Expoconstrucción & Expodiseño is an international fair promoting the development of the construction, architecture, infrastructure, and design sectors in the region.

2019’s version brought together 57,000 visitors and more than 500 national and international exhibitors, who presented the latest trends in materials, machinery, equipment, tools, and services, as well as issues related to productivity and sustainable development in the country. Business expectations reached over 65 USD million. Because of that, this exhibition is one of the most important settings for knowledge, innovation, and technology for the sector.


Frequency Every 2 years
City Bogotá
Venue Sheraton Bogotá
Organizer Sofex Americas Ltda
Sector Logistics and Transportation Engineering

Andinatraffic is an international trade show about transit and transportation technologies. In its 2019 edition, there were over 1,200 participants, nearly 90 exhibitors, and 20 countries from America, Europe, and Asia.

Throughout its 10 years of existence, the fair allows an exchange of knowledge and contacts since different recognized businesses and brands of the sector participate and there are courses, conferences, and workshops by international experts.

Exhibitions in Colombia in June


City Bogotá
Venue Corferias Convention Center
Organizer Cámara Colombiana de la Confección y Afines, Corferias
Sector Textiles – Clothing

Createx is the most relevant platform for knowledge and products-services offer in the national textile and clothing industry. It gathers the best business specialized in textiles, supplies, machinery, technology, and services of the sector and allows them to improve their presence in the market and analyze competitors.

Last version, over 90 brands attended as exhibitors and 8,400 people visited. There are networking spaces, an academic agenda, a program for showing new trends, and a space for a fashion showcase.

Comic-Con Colombia

Date June (BOG) / December (MED)
City Bogotá – Medellín
Venue Corferias Convention Center (BOG) – Plaza Mayor (MED)
Organizer Planet Comics, Corferias
Sector Culture – Entertainment

The famous pop culture convention held in many cities in the world also takes place every year in Colombia. With 2 versions, one in Bogota and the other in Medellin, thousands of people gather to enjoy scenic arts, dance, music, cosplay, anime, literature, and gaming. This is a great platform for pop culture lovers to showcase their talents and connect with others.

Comic-Con involves the participation of the main film and TV studios, videogames, and editorials so it is also an advertising platform for these businesses. Commercial stands, academic talks, product launches, and special guests make part of the largest entertainment exhibition in Colombia and the world.

Exhibitions in Colombia in July

Colombia Moda

City Medellín
Venue Plaza Mayor Medellín Convenciones y Exposiciones
Organizer Inexmoda
Sector Fashion

Colombiamoda is Colombia’s fashion week and takes place every year in the city of Medellín. The organizer – Inexmoda, is a private organization that aims at supporting and promoting the fashion industry of Colombia to the rest of the world.

Colombiamoda showcases fashion and garment from Colombian designers and brands and it is actually the most important fashion show in Latin America! The 570 brands exhibiting and 25 runways throughout the 3 days of the event confirm that. The public has direct access to the selling brands but also specialized buyers from Colombia and abroad (wholesalers, distributors, etc.) have a VIP space for doing business. Lectures and workshops are also available.

If you work in the fashion industry, you cannot miss Colombiamoda.

Agroexpo Bogotá

Frequency Every 2 years
City Bogotá
Venue Corferias Convention Center
Organizer Corferias
Sector Agriculture

Agroexpo is Bogota’s international fair of the cattle and agricultural industry. With 42 years of history, it has reached international recognition, especially in Central America and the Caribbean.

Every region of Colombia gets to showcase their best cattle and other animals, and products to the rest of the world. Guest countries present the latest trends in machinery and technology for agriculture, and experts open spaces for academic discussion. It is also an opportunity for networking and doing business internationally.

F-Air Colombia

Frequency Every 2 years
City Rionegro, Medellín
Organizer Aeronáutica Civil de Colombia, Fuerza Aérea Colombiana
Sector Aeronautics

Colombia is a leading country in aeronautics in the region, so F-Air is the trade show that promotes opportunities to create new business connections and present updates in the civil and defense air sector. Apart from networking and commercial exhibition, there is an academic agenda, aircrafts exhibitions, and air shows for the public.

Guest exhibitors from all over the world enrich this event that seeks the development of the national aeronautic and aerospace industry.

Exhibitions in Colombia in August


City Bogotá
Venue Corferias Convention Center
Organizer Andigraf, Corferias
Sector Graphic design – Printing

Andigráfica is the meeting point and business center of the graphic industry in Latin America. Here, the latest trends and solutions on machinery and equipment, supplies, digital animation, design, advertising, and printing are presented. The future of the industry is 3D printing, augmented reality, and other technological innovations that many business models are already implementing.

With over 150 exhibitors and 15,000 professional visitors, this fair connects all the actors in the productive chain. At Andigráfica, visitors can do business, exchange knowledge, make contacts, present trends, and strengthen their products and services.

Gran Salón Inmobiliario

City Bogotá
Venue Corferias Convention Center
Organizer Corferias, Lonja de Bogotá
Sector Real Estate – Investors

The Gran Salon Inmobiliario is the most complete trade show of the sector in Colombia. This event brings together in one place the most representative national and international construction, development, real estate, and urbanization companies. These have an attractive and wide range of investment projects in residential, office, hotel, commercial, and industrial real estate assets, both national and international.

Lectures, auctions, financial advice, and more can be found in this exhibition targeted at strategic investors.

Exhibitions in Colombia in September


City Bogotá
Venue Corferias Convention Center
Organizer Corferias
Sector Security

The International Security Fair ESS+ is the largest business and exhibition platform in the Latin American region of the sector. It has 4 segments: security, cybersecurity, fire safety, and work safety. Annually, leading companies in security solutions exhibit innovations to face the challenges in technology and design.

The purpose of this trade show is to promote investment in security in the countries of the region which have a high population density and are a relevant market for manufacturers and distributors. The value offered at ESS+ is the possibility to connect with leaders and experts of the industry, establish alliances, and do business.


City Cartagena
Venue Cartagena de Indias Convention Center
Organizer Cintel
Sector ICT

ANDICOM is the international congress of Information and Communication Technologies that brings together the main actors of the industry in the Caribbean city of Cartagena. 2020’s edition was virtual though, taking advantage of the digital technologies.

This trade show includes a commercial exhibition, an academic agenda presenting the latest technological solutions for the current context, and different networking activities.

Belleza y Salud

City Bogotá
Venue Corferias Convention Center
Organizer Corferias
Sector Cosmetics – Personal care

The international showcase for esthetics and health in Bogota attracts over 68,000 visitors and professionals in the sector such as cosmetologists, beauticians, therapists, and hairdressers from the region. What is especially attractive about this show are the competitions in different categories where these professionals test their abilities. Among them, barbering, hairdressing, makeup, nail art, and fitness.

About 450 national and international exhibitors present new brands, business models, and innovative products and technologies for health and cosmetics. Congresses, workshops, shows, and experiential zones also make part of the fair.

Exhibitions in Colombia in October


City Bogotá
Venue Corferias Convention Center
Organizer Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá
Sector Arts

Bogota’s International Art Fair – ARTBO, annually calls galleries, curators, artists, and the public from all over the world to participate in one of the most important showcases of plastic and visual arts in Colombia. The main section displays the best-ranked galleries, but also there are platforms for emerging local artists and discussion forums about contemporary arts.

This event mainly attempts to promote Bogotá as a destination for culture and business, but also to generate spaces for commercial networking, cultural exchange, research, and dissemination of the local artistic offer.

During October, various cultural events take place in the capital of Colombia, ARTBO being the central axis. This is why it is considered one of the must-see events in the art circuit worldwide.

Cafés de Colombia Expo

City Bogotá
Venue Corferias Convention Center
Organizer Federación Nacional de Cafeteros, Corferias
Sector Coffee – Food processing

Cafés de Colombia Expo is the most important specialty coffee trade show in Colombia and Latin America. It integrates the entire coffee value chain and offers a scene to display and promote market trends and innovations nationally and globally.

This fair welcomes coffee farmers, unions, exporters, machinery and supplies producers and distributors, support entities, and certifiers, all related to the coffee industry. It has academic, commercial, and cultural activities that allow establishing new valuable connections, business agreements, and exchange knowledge.


Frequency Every 2 years
City Bogotá
Venue Corferias Convention Center
Organizer Asocolflores, Corferias
Sector Floriculture

Proflora is one of the largest fairs for the floriculture industry worldwide. It is held every 2 years in Colombia – the world’s second-largest exporter of flowers, after the Netherlands. The country is also the world’s largest exporter of carnations and the US’s first supplier.

Exhibiting a portfolio of over 1,600 flower varieties, Proflora attracts more than 1,000 international buyers and 7,000 general visitors during its 3 days. Activities include visits to flower farms in Bogota’s surroundings, exhibitions, talks, and a fun official closing reception.

Exhibitions in Colombia in November


City Bogotá
Venue Corferias Convention Center
Organizer Koelnmesse, Corferias
Sector Packaging

Andinapack is the international trade show of the packaging industry. It showcases products, equipment, and services related to packaging and cutting-edge technology for food and beverage processing, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, personal hygiene, printing and labeling, and agribusiness industries.

The fair attracts the biggest buyer groups of the mentioned industries and serves as their main platform for networking and keeping up to date with the innovations and trends in the Latin American region.


City Bogotá
Venue Corferias Convention Center
Organizer Federación Nacional de Cacaoteros, Corferias
Sector Chocolate – Food processing

Chocoshow is a scene for the visibility, experience, and knowledge of the cocoa and chocolate subsector in Colombia. It is a great chance for local and international brands to get closer to the end consumer and stay informed about the trends and developments in the industry.

During the 3 days of the fair, about 17,000 visitors enjoy the Colombian chocolate experience provided by hundreds of exhibitors. This comprehends cacao tasting, activities for children, conferences, workshops, and even a chocolate fashion show!

Exhibitions in Colombia in December


City Bogotá
Venue Corferias Convention Center
Organizer Corferias
Sector Handicrafts – Culture

Expoartesanías is Colombia’s largest handicrafts fair and takes place during the first weeks of December in Bogotá. Visitors can discover the great artisan richness of the country made up of different regional traditions in one place. And not only discover but experience the traditions.

This trade show seeks to help local artisans reach wider markets, nationally and internationally. However, foreign exhibitors (artisans, public and private organizations representatives, and NGOs) are also welcomed to showcase their products as long as they involve crafts and traditional techniques of the country of origin.


If you didn’t find an exhibition for your industry, contact us and we’ll find the perfect trade show for you.