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9 advantages of incentive travel for companies and employees

Colombia-MICE is part of the Pelecanus Travel Group. We are located in Bogota, Colombia. We are specialized in corporate travel and all services around Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions.

According to the Incentive Federation (2015), 46% of US companies have chosen to use incentive travel as a means of motivating their employees. This number is growing as these activities have achieved very good results. So, incentive travel is proving to be an excellent option for the success of your business.

Below we present the most important goals that an incentive trip can achieve for a company and its employees.

What is incentive travel?

Incentive travel can be viewed as a tool or strategy that rewards employees of a company for their high performance in achieving specific goals. It is also an effective method of motivating employees.

Incentive trips can be carried out for individual employees as well as for groups. However, it is more common to do these trips for groups. Relationships between the different participants and areas of an organization can then also be improved.

Such trips require very careful planning, from the destination to the activities to be undertaken, to ensure all set goals are met, such as the well-being of the participants.

Incentive travel is of great importance to the global tourism economy, as in recent years this sector has become one of the fastest-growing segments of the MICE tourism industry. According to SITE (Society for Incentive Travel Excellence), it is worth approximately $75 billion globally and $1.2 billion in Latin America.

Benefits of incentive travel for companies and employees

Incentive trips offer several advantages for both companies and employees.

Benefits of corporate incentive travel

Attracting and retaining talent through incentive activities

It is crucial for a company to keep talent within the company. It is therefore important to motivate the best employees and thus attract new talent. This is directly related to the competitiveness of a company.

With rewards such as incentive trips, a company is perceived better and more positively by employees, which is reflected in the results of their activities. On this occasion, the employees feel appreciation and feel comfortable and belonging.

In addition, such trips are a good reason not to look for other job offers, according to a study by INC magazine. 79% of people who leave their jobs cite “lack of appreciation” as the main reason, while 72% of employees who receive a travel award say they feel greater loyalty to the company.

Productivity increase

A happy employee is a productive employee.

If you want your team to meet and exceed the goals you set, a travel incentive can be a solution.

According to the Incentive Research Foundation, when properly designed and executed, incentive programs can increase sales productivity by 18% and achieve a return on investment (ROI) of 112%. Because when employees know that their work can be rewarded, their commitment and thus the productivity of the company increases.

It also encourages creativity in tackling personal and group challenges, which is important when developing new strategies or products and in times of crisis. Employees will be better prepared for challenges and will always strive for the best possible result.

Improved corporate image

The company’s brand is strengthened for employees, customers, partners and suppliers. A high-profile incentive trip, both internal and external, is the perfect way to contribute to the corporate image.

A responsible company that cares about the well-being and satisfaction of its employees, motivates them, understands them and also offers this kind of remuneration and appreciation will always be the first choice of its customers.

Strengthens organizational culture

An incentive trip is not only useful to reward employees, strengthen working relationships or improve a brand’s reputation. It is also an opportunity to reinforce the company’s values, mission and vision to all stakeholders of the organization through targeted activities that put the principles and values into practice.

It is also an ideal place to encourage employees, regardless of their position, to express their opinions and propose new strategies that contribute to the organizational culture of the company. Because building a positive corporate culture also plays an important role in employee retention. On a scale of 1 to 10, Millennials rate the importance of workplace culture at an 8.5, according to Thruue Inc.

Benefits of incentive travel for employees

Experience new things

Incentive trips create unique moments for the participants. Getting to know new places and activities that do not normally take place at their workplace and sometimes not even in their free time can reinforce or even trigger innovation impulses.

Making new and above all positive experiences also lead to a greater feeling of happiness. According to a study by the Department of Psychology at New York University, happiness makes people strive to experience more positive experiences because they increase their self-confidence, allow them to get to know themselves better, recognize their strengths, and gain tools for new challenges receive.

Increased motivation

The SITE (Society for Incentive Travel Excellence) states that 72.8% of incentive travel participants say the emotional impact of incentive travel is extremely positive and rewarding.

As already mentioned, incentive trips are an excellent motivational tool; they are a new experience that encourages employees to do their jobs more efficiently in the future.

It strengthens bonds and improves interpersonal relationships.

Spending time with co-workers in places other than the office is one of the best ways to strengthen interpersonal relationships.

By including team-building activities in an incentive trip, one can develop the following skills in a targeted manner:

  • Camaraderie.
  • Team cohesion.
  • Troubleshooting.
  • Healthy competition.

Incentive travel offers the opportunity to strengthen teamwork, because not only are unique experiences shared, but also communication, empathy and cooperation are encouraged. This is very important for the success of any business because, thanks to the above factors, it facilitates the achievement of goals, and promotes multidisciplinary work and a better work environment.

Appreciation of the work done

One of the main goals of an incentive trip is to recognize employees for the optimal development of their work. According to the SITE study, 88.6% of employees who were able to accompany an incentive trip say that they feel more valued by their company.

Feeling and receiving recognition from superiors is one of the best feelings an employee can experience. When employees learn that their tasks have been performed optimally, self-esteem increases and performance can continue to improve.

Equal opportunity

A very important point among the benefits of incentive travel is that it creates equal opportunities for all employees in a company.

These types of rewards, which are neither financial nor targeted to a specific group, are ideal for motivating employees to do their jobs even better, regardless of their position or department in the company.

We hope this information about the benefits of incentive travel has given you an incentive. We also invite you to consider Colombia as a travel destination for your business in the future. We would be very happy to find the perfect solution for your needs and to work with you to develop a tailor-made trip.

19 Best Business Hotels in Colombia

Colombia-MICE is part of the Pelecanus Travel Group. We are located in Bogota, Colombia. We are specialized in corporate travel and all services around Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions.

The perfect business travel hotel is defined by factors such as price, security, connectivity, efficiency, comfort and location. Colombia has a variety of hotel options that meet these needs.

Below are 19 business hotels in Colombia’s top destinations. We took the following factors into account:

  • Meeting rooms
  • Conference rooms
  • Video Call Features
  • Business centers
  • Good location
  • Unlimited internet access
  • Advice on the organization of events

Hotels for business travelers in Bogota

Bogota is the capital of Colombia and the main destination for business travelers. The city is characterized by a wide range of luxury hotels, congress centers, meeting rooms and a variety of restaurants and bars, as well as all kinds of leisure activities.

According to the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA), Bogota has positioned itself as the first Colombian and sixth Latin American destination for corporate tourists.

Bogota is a big city with 10 million inhabitants. In addition, the capital is one of the busiest cities in Latin America.

We therefore strongly recommend that you find out the location of the hotel in advance. This avoids hours of waiting and wasted time in traffic jams after arrival and on the way from place to place.

Preferred sectors for business travelers are the areas around the airport and Corferias, the Parque de la 93 and the Zona Rosa.

Hotels in Parque de la 93 in Bogota

Parque de la 93 is a small green park in northern Bogota. In this area you will find a wide gastronomic offer with good restaurants and a variety of bars and cafes. In addition, the Parque de la 93 is in a central location in the city.

Salvio Parque 93


Location: Cra . 12 #93 – 75
Cost standard room per night (1 person): 155 USD
Number of rooms/apartments: 72
Room types: Twin (48m²), Queen (35m²)
Suites: Grand Suite Salvio (95m²)
Apartasuites: Superior Queen (65m²), Twin (65m²), Junior Master (95m²), Deluxe Vista (67m²), Premier (85m²)
Services: Fitness Center, Sp , Food Court, Terrace, Wifi, Parking
Business Center: Yes
Awards: TripAdvisor Travellers ‘ Choice 2021
Salvio Apartasuites is one of the 3 hotels of the Colombian hotel chain Habitel Hotels in the city of Bogota.

It is located in the exclusive area of Parque de la 93. The hotel specializes in business travelers and its facilities and services are particularly designed to meet the needs of business people looking for a luxurious and attractive stay.

Rooms for events, meetings and conferences:

It has rooms for large, medium and small meetings.

  • Gran Salvio: With a capacity of 400 people, this room is decorated in a cocktail style and is the largest room in Parque de la 93. It has its own bar, terraces, heating and 4 screens.
  • Chicalá: This room, with a capacity of 100 people, can be transformed into two independent rooms or into one room for medium-sized events or training sessions.
  • Cedro: A room with a maximum capacity of 45 people, ideal for private and small meetings.
  • Sauco: The smallest room in the hotel has a capacity of 30 people and is the ideal place for small meetings with all the necessary technical aids.

Hotel El Dorado Bogotá


Location: Av . Eldorado #100-97
Number of rooms : 76
Cost for a standard room per night (1 person): 80 USD
Room types: Superior (18m²), Business (28m²), Twin (32m²), Twin Superior (36m²)
Suites: Junior (40m²), Deluxe (56m²)
Services: restaurant, laundry service, gym, jacuzzi, terrace, wifi
Business Center: Yes
Awards: TripAdvisor Travellers ‘ Choice 2021
Hotel El Dorado Bogota is located near Parque de la 93, one of the most luxurious and attractive areas of the city. Surrounded by the best restaurants, bars, the Parque de la 93, the Andino shopping center and the Zona T, this hotel is ideal if you are looking for a stay that puts comfort first.

Rooms for events, meetings and conferences:

There are several meeting rooms that can be used for board meetings, conferences, product launches and business lunches.

  • Tumaco Hall: Ideal for large events with high-tech equipment. Area 96m².
  • Muisca Room: Equipped with audiovisual equipment for medium-sized meetings. Area 52m².
  • Quimbaya Room: Equipped with audiovisual equipment for medium-sized meetings, connected to the terrace. Area 52m².
  • Gran Dorado Room: The combination of the Tumaco, Muisca and Quimbaya Rooms creates this large room suitable for all kinds of events. Area 197m².
  • Calima Room: An ideal room for dinners, banquets and events such as seminars or conferences. Area 197m².
  • Tayrona Room: The smallest room in the hotel is a comfortable space for small business meetings of up to 7 people.
  • Origen Terrace: This terrace, which underlines the elegance of the hotel, combines the best of nature and class. It is ideal for all kinds of events, especially in the evening.

Hotels in the Zona Rosa of Bogota

The Zona Rosa is just a few minutes from Parque de la 93. The Zona T forms the heart of the Zona Rosa of Bogotá. The Zona Rosa is located in the northeast of the capital and is considered the most exclusive area in the city. The neighborhood offers numerous shopping malls such as Andino and prestigious stores that form the epicenter of fashion in Bogota. The Zona Rosa is a very lively area where most of the city’s restaurants, bars and nightclubs are located.

JW Marriott Hotel Bogota


Location: Cl. 73 #8-60
Number of rooms: 239
Cost for a standard room per night (1 person): 265 USD
Room Types: King (43m²), Double (43m²), Executive King (43m²), Executive Double (43m²)
Suites: Junior (73 m²), Presidential Suite (180 m²)
Services: Car Rental, Parking, Beauty Salon, Spa, Fitness Center, Laundry, Currency Exchange, Swimming Pool, Restaurant
Business Center: Yes
Awards: Forbes Travel Guide STAR RATING, TripAdvisor Travellers ‘ Choice 2021
This hotel is the perfect combination of elegance and comfort. Located in the financial center of the city and very close to the best entertainment districts such as Zona T and Zona Rosa, the JW Marriott offers everything the business traveler needs. The main attractions in this area are the beautiful cafes, top restaurants, designer shops, bars, shopping malls, theaters and prestigious universities.

Facilities for events, meetings and conferences:

The JW Marriott offers a total of 1,058 square meters for events in 11 different halls, the largest of which has a capacity of up to 400 people. The hotel also provides the necessary equipment for all kinds of events, such as audiovisual equipment, microphones, projectors and more.

Hotels near Corferias and Bogota Airport

The last sector that we present to you here in Bogota is west of the airport up to Corferias, Bogota’s largest exhibition center. Between the east and west of the city, you will find a wide range of shopping malls such as Gran Estación, Plaza Claro and Nuestro Bogotá, as well as cafes and restaurants less than 25 minutes from the airport. In this area there are also many parks with spacious green areas where you can enjoy nature in the midst of the chaos of the city. I can only warmly recommend the botanical garden here.

The historic center of the city, also known as La Candelaria, can also be reached quickly. The tourist center and historical district combine Bogota’s culture with traditional restaurants, the Gold Museum, the Botero Museum, art galleries and the city mountain of Monserrate.

Grand Hyatt Bogotá


Location: Cl. 24a #57 – 60
Number of rooms: 373
Standard room price per night (1 person): 230 USD
Room Type : Wheelchair Accessible | King Bed (41 m²), Accessible | Two Double Beds (41 m²), ADA (41 m²), Grand Club (41 m²) King Bed (41 m²), Two Double Beds (41 m²), View (41 m²)
Suites: Grand ADA (85 m²), Corner with Andes View (75 m²), Corner (75 m²), Grand Executive (100 m²), Grand (85 m²), Diplomatic (115 m²), Presidential (200 m²), Two Rooms (167 m²)
Services: Wifi, pet friendly rooms, parking (870m 2 ) with valet service, swimming pool, concierge, laundry, digital key, online check-in, etc.
Business Center: Yes
Awards: Fiabci Award 2018, TripAdvisor Travellers ‘ Choice 2021
The Grand Hyatt Hotel is the first hotel of this world-renowned hotel chain in Colombia. The hotel is strategically located just 15 minutes from the airport, 10 minutes from the historic center and less than 5 minutes from the American Embassy. In addition, the hotel is just minutes away from 3 shopping malls and more than 10 restaurants.

In an area of 78,000 square meters, you will find all kinds of luxury rooms, restaurants, spa, and fitness center.

Rooms for events, meetings and conferences:
  • Congress Center: capacity for 1,300 people.
  • Grand Ballroom: Auditorium with a capacity of up to 1,250 people.
  • El Dorado Ballroom: Auditorium with a capacity of 600 people.
  • El Dorado Foyer: For trade shows or open cocktail parties.
  • Terrace: Ideal for weddings and social events for up to 150 people.
  • Gallery: Showroom for up to 50 people.
  • Loft kitchen: Perfect for smaller events with live cooking shows.
  • 11 meeting rooms.
  • Club Lounge.

Hilton Garden Inn Bogota Airport


Location: Cra . 82 #25G 84
Number of rooms: 189
Room types: Handicap accessible, King Hearing (34 m²), Double bed (26 m²), Double bed balcony, King Bed (26 m²)
Suites: King Bed One Bedroom (58 m²)
Standard room price per night (1 person): 75 USD
Services: Free airport transfer, parking, fitness center, restaurant, bar, spa , sauna, car rental, wifi, lobby shop, ATM
Business Center: Yes
Awards: TripAdvisor Travellers ‘ Choice 2021
This is one of 8 Hilton hotels in Bogota and the closest to El Dorado International Airport. It is the perfect choice for short breaks and rooms can also be booked by the hour.

Venues for events, meetings and conferences:
  • Meeting Room: 2,000 ft²/185 m².
  • Business center

Hilton Bogota Corferias


Location: Cra . 37 #24 29
Number of rooms: 410
Cost for a standard room per night (1 person): 175 USD
Room types: Deluxe (32 m²), Executive
Suites: Suite (64 m²)
Services: pets welcome, restaurant, indoor pool, gym, parking, sauna, jacuzzi, bar, concierge
Business Center: Yes
Awards: Best New Hotel of the Year 2019, TripAdvisor Travellers ‘ Choice 2021
The Hilton Bogota Corferias is one of the best MICE hotels in the country. It has a modern and luxurious infrastructure and thanks to its strategic location it is one of the best options in the city. The hotel is located right next to Corferias, the city’s largest convention center. Opposite Corferias, the modern Agora congress center has also been built in recent years. In just 15 minutes you are from the hotel to the airport and the historic center.

Other attractions near the hotel include the Gold Museum, several shopping malls, the Candelaria district, the Botero Museum, the Movistar Arena, El Campin Stadium and numerous restaurants.

The hotel offers modern rooms equipped for executives.

Rooms for events, meetings and conferences:
  • Business center
  • 8 meeting rooms with access to the terrace
  • Ballroom: with a capacity of 700 people.
  • Salón Cerro and Salón Laguna: Rooms with a capacity of 80 to 150 people.
  • Terrace of the Hilton Bogota Corferias: perfect for outdoor ceremonies, weddings ,or cocktail parties.

TRYP by Wyndham Bogota Embajada


Location: Ac . 24 #51 – 40
Number of rooms: 250
Cost for a standard room per night (1 person): 65 USD
Room Types: Tryp Double, Tryp Queen, Premium, Family
Services: Parking (500 places), Gym, Laundry, Free Shuttle, Food Court, Business Center (24 hours), Wifi
Business Center: No
Awards: TripAdvisor Travellers ‘ Choice 2021
Located in front of the American Embassy, the hotel is only 10 minutes from Corferias, several shopping malls, the National Administrative Center, outlets and the industrial area.

It’s also a short drive from La Candelaria, the historic center that has more than 10 restaurants nearby and offers a sports bar and a large fitness center. Ideal for keeping fit in your free time.

Facilities for events, meetings and conferences:
  • Corporate Meeting Plan: with meeting rooms for 5 to 50 people.
  • Hourly Office Option: With options from 2 to 10 people, you can book an office by the hour, day or month, equipped with the tools each person needs.

Hotels for business travelers in Cartagena

Cartagena, also known as “La Heroica “, is one of the most important tourist cities in Colombia, mainly for its beaches and rich culture, but that’s not all. Cartagena is considered a very attractive MICE destination, with a large selection of top hotels for congresses and incentive trips.

The city is located in one of the best performing and most important industrial sectors in the country, with world-class clusters, as well as the most important port area in Colombia and the fourth most important in Latin America.

The following is an overview of the most important and best business hotels in Cartagena:

Hyatt Regency Cartagena


Location: Cra . 1#12-118
Number of rooms: 285
Standard room price per night (1 person): 230 USD
Room types: King (single, bay view, sea view) (38m²), Double (single, bay view, sea view) (38m²)
Suites: Junior (78m²), Regency (78m²), Executive (114m²), Presidential (190m²)
Residences  1 bedroom (72m²), 2 bedrooms (90m²), 3 bedrooms (135m²)
Services: concierge service, laundry, dry cleaning, restaurants, fitness center, spa, wifi, swimming pool
Business Center: Yes
Club Lounge: Yes
Awards: TripAdvisor Travellers ‘ Choice 2021
This modern hotel is located on the seafront, close to the historic center of Cartagena.

The numerous spaces make the hotel one of the best venues in Cartagena and offer the possibility to hold all kinds of events such as meetings, weddings and conferences.

Facilities for events, meetings and conferences:
  • Regency Ballroom
  • boardroom
  • Fragata Ballroom
  • galleon hall
  • Salon Navio.

Hotel Las Américas Casa de Playa


Location: Cartagena de Indias, La Boquilla, Province of Cartagena, Bolívar
Number of rooms: 250
Cost for a standard room per night (1 person): 85 USD
Room types: Superior (32m²), Duplex (32m²), Junior (32m²), Reina Isabel Family (32m²), Capitán Estrella (32m²)
Services: swimming pools, bars, restaurants, gardens, business center, gym, spa, tennis court, games rooms, wifi, parking, mini golf
Business Center: Yes
This hotel has been classified as one of the best hotels for family stays, but it also offers great advantages for events and meetings in Cartagena. Located right on the Caribbean Sea, Hotel Las Americas also offers an optimal ambiance with easy access to the beach.

Facilities for events, meetings and conferences:

Americas International Convention and Convention Center, with a capacity of 4,000 people, make this hotel the ideal place to organize congresses, meetings, weddings, parties and gatherings of all kinds.

Estelar Cartagena de Indias Hotel & Centro de Convenciones


Location: Cra . 1 #11-116
Number of rooms: 338
Cost for a standard room per night (1 person): 50 USD – 110 USD
Room types: Standard Twin (32m²), Superior King (40m²), Superior Twin (49m²).
Suites: Junior (66m²)
Services: Spa, WiFi, Gym, Sky Bar, Parking, Swimming pool, Jacuzzi, Turkish bath, Sauna, Concierge, Restaurant, Pets allowed
Business Center: Yes
The hotel is considered the main hotel of the Estelar chain and is one of the most important in the city of Cartagena. The modern infrastructure offers everything to carry out smooth events.

The hotel is located in the tourist, residential and commercial district of Bocagrande, approximately 20 minutes from the historic and walled city and 10 minutes from Rafael Núñez International Airport.

Rooms for events, meetings and conferences:

  • Estelar Convention Center: Multifunctional space with a capacity of 2,000 people, equipped with the latest technologies and direct and independent access by escalators and elevators.
  • Estelar Hall: With a capacity of more than 1,000 people, it can be transformed into six independent halls depending on the event.
  • Salón Cartagena: With a capacity of 750 people, it can be converted into smaller halls (170 people) or meeting rooms for up to 18 people.
  • El Balcón: An open-air space ideal for special events with a capacity of 320 people.

Hotels for business travelers in Medellin

The city of Medellín, also known as the “City of Eternal Spring”, is the second most important tourist destination in Colombia thanks to its development in terms of culture, industry and innovation. Countless trade fairs, events, exhibitions and congresses take place here every year.

On the other hand, the city of Medellin has an excellent public transport system that provides easy access to the city’s main business and entertainment areas such as the Zona Rosa and Aranjuez. The recommended sectors are Poblado and Laureles.

These are the main business hotels in Medellin:

Hotel Poblado Plaza


Location: Cra . 43a #4 on 75
Number of rooms: 84
Standard room price per night (1 person): 80 USD – 170 USD
Room Types: Superior Queen (37m²), Superior 2 Queens (33m²), Superior Twin (37m²)
Suites: Suite, Junior Suite, Executive (38.50m²)
Services: restaurants, wifi, terrace, buffet, parking, concierge, laundry, minibar
Business Center: Yes
Awards: TripAdvisor Travellers ‘ Choice 2021
El Poblado Plaza is located in the heart of Medellín’s main business and tourism district. It offers excellent opportunities for both business and leisure travelers. Its facilities are elegant, in traditional baroque style, and comfortable. The hotel is surrounded by the city’s best shopping malls, several exclusive restaurants and the most important business centers.

Rooms for events, meetings and conferences:

  • Boardroom: Ideal for board meetings with a capacity of 12 people.
  • Gran Andes: An auditorium with a capacity of 40 to 180 people.
  • Salón Andino: With a capacity of 60 people, this room is ideal for small events.
  • Salón Privado: This room, overlooking the main garden of the hotel, has a capacity of 12 people.
  • Plaza Mayor: In this room, you can hold all kinds of medium-sized meetings, with a capacity of 60 to 75 people.

Hotel Dann Carlton Medellín


Location: Cra . 43A #7-50
Number of rooms: 200
Cost for a standard room per night (1 person): 60 USD
Room types: Special Double (30m²), Twin (30m²)
Suites: Junior Suite, Suite, Grand Suite, Royal Suite (148m²)
Services: Gym, Swimming Pool, Jacuzzi, Turkish Bath, Spa, Parking, Wifi, Concierge
Business Center: Yes
The Dann Carlton Hotel in Medellín is one of the most desirable hotels in the city, offering not only ideal spaces for social and business events but also the best Colombian gastronomy.

Thanks to its strategic location, close to the main business center of the city, shopping centers, industrial and cultural areas, it is the perfect accommodation to not miss anything in this beautiful city.

Rooms for events, meetings and conferences:

  • Grand Chablis
  • Corsica
  • Madeira
  • Chianti
  • Tuscany
  • Provence
  • Lobby (I, II, III)

Hotels for business travelers in Cali

Cali is the third largest city in the country. The city is known worldwide for its joie de vivre, music and dance, which can be experienced in the city’s numerous nightclubs and restaurants.

Cali offers a wide range of infrastructures to receive thousands of visitors for all kinds of events such as fairs, pageants, parades, weddings, exhibitions and other events. It is also recognized as one of the most important sports cities as it has the most developed sports infrastructure in Colombia.

Cali has a good public transport system, but distances between most of the business districts are quite long. The location of the selected hotel should therefore be carefully evaluated in advance. We recommend the western area, which includes the Granada district.

These are the main business hotels in Cali:

Hotel Spiwak Chipichape Cali


Location: Av . 6D 36N-18
Number of rooms: 226
Cost for a standard room per night (1 person): 115 USD
Suites: Luxury King Suite (48m²), Luxury Twin Suite, Master Suite (54m²), Super Master Suite (84m²), Presidential Suite (120m²)
Services: Pet Friendly, Spa, Restaurant, Fitness Center, Bar, Swimming Pool, Concierge, Laundry, Wifi, Terrace
Business Center: Yes
Awards: TripAdvisor Travellers ‘ Choice 2021
The Hotel Spiwak is the most luxurious hotel in Cali, located north of the city just 20 minutes from Alfonso Aragon International Airport and 15 minutes from the Valle del Pacifico Convention Center. It is just minutes away from ACOPI- Yumbo, Centro Empresa Cali and the main industrial area of Cali.

Also, it is connected to two shopping malls, Chipichape and Pacific Mall, which offer a variety of entertainment options: cinemas, excellent restaurants, luxury bars, cafes, shops of the best brands, pharmacies, supermarkets, banks, exchange offices, casino, bookstores and hairdressers.

Hotel Spiwak has 13 versatile rooms for all types of events.

Facilities for events, meetings and conferences:

  • Great Hall: Auditorium with a capacity of up to 600 people.
  • Salón de las Estrellas: It has a lobby and can accommodate up to 500 people.
  • Hall of the Hacienda El Paraíso: capacity for 300 people.
  • Hall of the Hacienda Concepción: Ideal for medium-sized events with a capacity of 150 people.
  • Salón Hacienda Los Ciruelos: Capacity for up to 50 people and a large balcony.
  • Salón Hacienda Mulaló: Ideal for training courses and board meetings, with a capacity of 50 people.
  • Hacienda Piedechinche room: capacity for up to 80 people.
  • Salón Hacienda Cañasgordas: A practical and easily accessible space with a capacity of 80 people.
  • Hacienda La Julia Room: Ideal for small meetings and events with a capacity of 50 people.
  • Hall Hacienda Pichichí: capacity for up to 60 people.
  • Rooms Hacienda Alejandría: Capacity up to 50 people
  • Salón VIP Piso 9: Ideal for small meetings of up to 30 people.
  • Salón VIP Piso 10: The smallest with a capacity of up to 20 people.

Intercontinental Cali – Un Hotel Estelar


Location: Av . Colombia #2-72
Number of rooms: 295
Cost for a standard room per night (1 person): 85 USD
Room types: Standard Double, Standard Twin, Business, Standard Superior
Suites: Presidential Suite Business, Luxury Suite
Services: Wifi, laundry, gym, swimming pool, spa, jacuzzi, sauna, shuttle service, casino, car rental, travel agency, bank, parking, restaurant, restaurant
Business Center: Yes
Awards: TripAdvisor Travellers ‘ Choice 2021
The Estelar hotel chain has in Cali one of the best and most prestigious hotels in the country, the Intercontinental Cali, which also has various spaces for events.

The Intercontinental is close to the city’s best restaurants and major shopping districts.

Facilities for events, meetings and conferences:

In this hotel, you will find 22 rooms equipped with the latest technology to hold large events, congresses and meetings. These rooms can accommodate between 15 and 300 people.

Hotels for business travelers in Yopal

Yopal is a small town in the eastern lowlands of the country. Although the city is not yet well known in the world of business, it is growing significantly and has a varied tourism and hotel offers, as well as an infrastructure for events and congresses of all kinds.

The congress center was recently built and has the most modern facilities and is also very centrally located.

GHL Style Yopal


Location: Calle 29 No. 28 – 14 Alcaraván Shopping Center
Number of rooms: 250
Cost standard room per night (1 person): 35 USD
Room types: Twin room (19m²), King room (22m²)
Services: gym, restaurant, bar, wifi, parking, shuttle service, terrace, bar
Business Center: Yes
Rooms at the GHL Yopal are modern with great views , and the hotel hosts live entertainment nights.
Rooms for events, meetings and conferences:

Business travelers have at their disposal a business center, an auditorium with a capacity of 100 people and a total of 6 halls with different equipment and capacity for meetings and events.

Hotels for business travelers in Santa Marta

Santa Marta combines beach and nature, but its port is also a destination for business trips. The cultural heritage of the oldest city in South America also makes Santa Marta an attractive travel destination.

There are several very modern and urban areas such as El Rodadero , Pozos Colorados or Bello Horizonte. There you will find good gastronomic offers as well as nightclubs, bars and pubs. There are also countless designer shops and shopping malls.

Irotama Resort


Location: Irotama Resort Km. 14 on the road to Cienaga
Number of rooms: 550
Cost for a standard room per night (1 person): 80 USD
Room Type: Superior Executive Irotama del Lago
Bungalow: standard bungalow
Suites: Bohío Suite
Services: bars, swimming pools, eco-trail, gym, wifi, parking, restaurant, mini-market, boutiques, transport
Business Center: Yes
Awards: TripAdvisor Travellers ‘ Choice 2021
The resort is located in the Pozos Colorados area, 20 minutes from Santa Marta.

Rooms for events, meetings and conferences:

  • Meeting Schedule: Designed for a great experience with full logistical support from a hotel specialist.
  • The Great Hall: A spectacular three-level circular hall with a capacity of 600 people.
  • El Lago Hall: An auditorium with a capacity of 300 people that can be divided into four multipurpose rooms.
  • Commission rooms: 8 rooms that can be adapted, divided or connected depending on the type of space required for the event.
  • Masinga Hall: With a capacity of 160 people.
  • Salón del Mar: Located on the first floor of the resort, it is one of the smallest rooms with a capacity of 30 people.
  • Salón Kiosko: This is one of the resort’s most popular spaces for medium-sized events, with a capacity of 100 people.
  • Unconventional spaces: Thanks to the beautiful scenery along the Irotama, outdoor events can be held in the plaza, in the pool or the gardens.

Santa Marta Marriott Resort Playa Dormida


Location: Carrera 3 #142-60, Bello Horizonte
Number of rooms: 168
Cost standard room per night (1 person): 80 USD
Room Types: King (30m²), 2 Double (30m²)
Suites: Junior (43m²), 1 bedroom suite (68m²)
Services: parking, restaurants, swimming pools, spa, WiFi, transport, car rental, gym, restaurant, bar, sauna, tennis court, bike rental
Business Center: Yes
Awards: TripAdvisor Travellers ‘ Choice 2021
The hotel is located 2 kilometers from Simón Bolívar Airport and a few minutes from Playa Blanca and the Parque de los Novios .

The hotel has a private beach, first-class infrastructure and the latest technology. It is also the perfect location for a business meeting or wedding reception in one of 4 function rooms with bespoke banquet options.

Rooms for events, meetings and conferences:

  • Taylor’s room
  • Next-Gen Arhuaco Rooms
  • Wiwa room
  • Kogui room

Hotels for business travelers in Manizales

Manizales is currently expanding its position as one of the strongest MICE destinations in the country.

The landscapes and monuments in and around the city are a major attraction for visitors. Manizales has a wide range of hotels, convention centers and other modern facilities suitable for all types of meetings and corporate events.

Manizales is not very big, the very steep streets can push pedestrians and vehicles to their limits. You should therefore choose the location of your hotel with care.

Estelar El Cable Hotel


Location: Cra . 23c #64a-60
Number of rooms: 46
Cost for a standard room per night (1 person): 60 USD
Room Types: Standard (22 m²)
Services: parking, private shuttle service, laundry, restaurant, gym, wifi, laundry service, etc.
Business Center: Yes
Hotel Estelar El Cable is considered one of the most complete and modern hotels in the city. It is located opposite Manizales ‘ Cervantes Building and Fundadores Park, in the Zona Rosa, where the city’s best shops and leisure centers are located.

Thanks to the Enjoy Estelar -Pa kets, an hourly accommodation option, it is the best option for a short trip or a day trip to the city.

Facilities for events, meetings and conferences:

  • Lounge for small events with a capacity of 15 people.

Hotels for business travelers in Barranquilla

Barranquilla is the capital of the Atlántico department and one of the ideal destinations for companies and business people from all over the world.

Thanks to its location, modern infrastructures and spaces such as the Puerta de Oro event center, this city is one of the most important for MICE tourism in Colombia.

Some of the most interesting neighborhoods for business travelers include Riomar, Norte-Centro Historico and La Playa.

Hotel Four Points By Sheraton Barranquilla


Location: A Cra . 53 #79-212
Number of rooms: 119
Cost for a standard room per night (1 person): 60 USD
Room Types: King (32m²), 2 Double (32m²), Smart (32m²), Junior Suite (37m²)
Services: Gym, Restaurant, Bar, Parking, Swimming pool, Terrace, Wifi, Laundry
Business Center: Yes

The Four Points by Sheraton Barranquilla is one of the best options offered by the Sheraton hotel chain. Thanks to its strategic location in the financial and business district in the north of the city, this hotel is a good option for business travelers.

The hotel has a full range of services to enable guests and visitors to get the most out of their work or to relax between meetings as well.

The hotel is less than 30 minutes drive from Ernesto Cortissoz International Airport, a few meters from the Villa Country Shopping Center with a wide range of shops and restaurants, 2 km from the Barranquilla Zoo, 5 km from the Riverside Shopping Center and 10 km from the city’s maritime terminal.

Rooms for events, meetings and conferences:

  • VIP room: capacity up to 12 people.
  • Pradera room: Capacity up to 52 people.
  • Barranca 1 Ballroom: Capacity up to 50 people.
  • Salón Barranca 2: Capacity up to 40 people.

The 21 Best Trade Shows and Corporate Events in Latin America

Colombia-MICE is part of the Pelecanus Travel Group. We are based in Bogota, Colombia and we specialize in business travel and all services related to meetings, incentives, congresses and exhibitions. 

Latin America hosts thousands of corporate meetings, fairs and exhibitions across a variety of industries each year, making this part of the world the ideal destination for any entrepreneur looking to expand their business into the Latin American market. 

Below are the top 21 events in Latin America for different industries. 

Agribusiness Trade Shows in Latin America 


Theme: Agricultural machinery, plant protection products, and animal husbandry 
Date: March 
Location: Predio Ferial y Autodromo San Nicolás City, Buenos Aires 
Country: Argentina 
Exhibitors: > 580 
Visitors: > 165,000 

The latest technologies will be presented in the following areas: 

  • Machinery, 
  • Phytosanitary products, 
  • Livestock and 
  • Other services. 

More interesting facts about Expoagro

  • 22,000 m2 of exhibition space 
  • 4,000 m of paved main road and 8,000 m of internal roads 
  • Parking for 12,000 vehicles 
  • 23,700 m2 of gastronomic offer 
Economic data 
  • Auction of 45,000 cattle worth US$8 million (2020). 
  • More than 60,000 million Argentine pesos in banking transactions and loan applications. 
  • More than US$8 million was raised in international business rounds. 

Aquaculture Trade Shows in Latin America 


Theme: Aquaculture, fisheries, and technology 
Date: March 
Venue: AquaSur Fair, Chinchín, and Puerto Montt 
Country: Chile 
Exhibitors: > 230 
Visitors: > 20,000 

AquaSur is the largest aquaculture exhibition in Latin America, showcasing new technologies, products and services for the fish farming industry. 

In addition, more than 

  • 200 brands and 
  • 25 countries participated. 

More facts about AQUASUR 

  • Over 12,500 m2 net exhibition space 
Economic data 
  • Exports (mainly salmon) valued at over US$4.383 million 

Trade Shows in Latin America 


Theme: Hospital machinery, medicine, medical equipment 
Date: September 
Location: Centro Costa Salguero, Buenos Aires 
Country: Argentina 
Exhibitors: > 150 
Visitors: > 10,000 

The International Exhibition of Healthcare Products, Equipment and Services takes place every year in Argentina and is considered the most important healthcare exhibition in Latin America and Spanish-speaking countries. 

This event showcases the latest technology medical products and devices from more than 20 countries. 

Trade fair visitors are above all: 

  • Salespeople 
  • Wholesalers 
  • Retailers 
  • Hospital administrators 
  • Clinics 
  • Laboratories 

EA Expoalimentaria

Theme: Food, machines for the food industry, services 
Date: September 
Location: Centro de Exposiciones Jockey, Lima 
Country: Peru 
Exhibitors: > 560 
Visitors: > 40,000 

The EA Expoalimentaria is the most important food fair in Latin America and one of the most important negotiating points for: 

  • Food 
  • Beverages 
  • Containers and packaging
  • Services 
  • Machinery 
  • Equipment 
  • Industrial technology 

More facts about the EA Expoalimentaria 

  • 3,500 international visitors 
  • 2,153 international buyers 
  • More than 1,457 food products 
Economic data 
  • Over US$830 million in deals won. 

AUTOCOM Trade Fair

Theme: Commerce, services for commerce, and technology for commerce 
Date: April 
Location: Expo Center North, Sao Paulo 
Country: Brazil 
Exhibitors: >150 
Visitors: > 12,000 

This fair specializes in technology related to retail. This is the premier event in Latin America for the latest trends in commerce and retail. The topics are software, hardware and other products developed by the exhibitors such as shipping and invoicing programs, payment systems, printers, scales, projectors and other products. 

More facts about AUTOCOM

  • It is the largest trade fair for the industry in Latin America 
  • All the important players in the field are present 
  • Congresses and up-to-date information about what is happening in the market 
  • Business and networking point 

International Franchise Fair  – FIF

Topic: Franchising, business alternatives 
Date: June 
Location: World Trade Center Mexico City 
Country: Mexico 
Exhibitors: > 138 

At the International Franchise Fair you will find various topics such as 

  • Food and beverages, 
  • Couriers and parcels, 
  • Pawnshops, 
  • Education, 
  • Coaching 
  • Construction and renovation, 
  • Children’s market 

More facts about FIF 

  • 9,000 m2 net exhibition space 
Economic data 
  • Over 8,000 investors 

This is the ideal place to showcase your business, acquire clients and allies, attend workshops, learn about the competition and learn about the latest business models in Latin America. 

Bogota International Book Fair – FILBo

Theme: Literature, book trade, and translation services 
Date: April/May 
Location: Corferias, Bogota 
Country: Colombia 
Exhibitors: > 500 national and international exhibitors 
Visitors: > 600,000 

The International Book Fair in Bogotá is one of the most internationally recognized book fairs in the world and at the same time the most important and longest-running cultural event in the country. 

 In the commercial field, FILBo has a strategic space through the International Business Fair for 

  • Transactions 
  • Books trading 
  • Discussion of publishing rights and 
  • Translation services offering 

More interesting facts about FILBO 

Economic data 
  • 114 tables in the International Business Lounge, 350 participants, with a business expectation of more than 4 million dollars in one year. 
  • 129 in-person events in bookstores, schools, universities, public and school libraries. 
  • Facebook: 129,400 followers 
  • Twitter: 113,600 followers 
  • Instagram: 81,800 followers 

Health and Beauty Fairs in Latin America 


Theme: Health, beauty, technology, and cosmetics 
Date: July 
Location: World Trade Center Mexico City 
Country: Mexico 
Exhibitors: > 250 
Visitors: > 50,000 

The beauty sector meets at Expo-BELLEZA FEST Mexico. Experts from the cosmetics industry as well as suppliers of technologies and products can exchange information here. 

More facts about Expo Belleza 

  • More than 8,000 m2 of exhibition space. 
Special services 
  • Beauty Caravans: The trade fair organizers promote and support the exhibitors in promoting the products. 
  • Premier Visitors: A premium service with benefits for high-level visitors. 
  • Newsletter: A powerful advertising and communication tool between visitors and exhibitors to present novelties, trends and techniques. 
  • Online Shop Catalog: A digital space made available to exhibitors to promote their online shops. 
  • 24/7 Directory: The industry’s best digital catalog with the best products, videos and how-to guides. Exhibitors can access and update their information throughout the year. 
  • Business in Motion: A webinar program designed to introduce the public to world leaders speaking on international issues of general interest. 

Manufacturing Trade Shows in Latin America 

International Technology and Manufacturing Fair – FITMA 

Theme: Industrial manufacturing, technology 
Date: June 
Location: Centro Citibanamex, Mexico City 
Country: Mexico 
Exhibitors: > 150 

The following topics can be found at the International Fair for Technology and Manufacturing: 

  • Cutting tools, 
  • Clamping systems, 
  • Robots and automation systems, 
  • Training, 
  • Machinery. 

The fair offers demonstrations, organizes meetings with potential partners, dealers and future allies, and creates business opportunities and much more. 

This event is considered one of the most important in this sector for the following reasons: 

  • State-of-the-art technologies are presented at the Emerging Technology Showcase Theater 
  • International business developments are discussed. 
  • Networking areas and activities are offered. 
  • Training courses and conferences are held. 

Trade Shows for the Textile and Fashion Industry in Latin America 

Emitex, Simatex, Confemaq

Theme: Fashion, textile, fashion design, and textile machinery 
Date: May/June 
Location: Centro Costa Salguero, Buenos Aires, Argentina 
Country: Argentina 
Exhibitors: > 300 
Visitors: > 13,000 

Emitex: International Exhibition of Subcontractors for the Garment Industry. 

Simatex: International Textile Machinery Exhibition. 

Confemaq: International Garment Machinery Exhibition. 

The main manufacturers, producers and suppliers of fabrics from more than 21 countries take part in these three events, which take place simultaneously. All kinds of textile machines, services, training, workshops, conferences and fashion supplies from all over the world will be shown. 

More facts about Emitex, Simatex, Confemaq

  • 12,000 m2 

International Trade Fair for Leather, Chemical Products, Components, Machinery and Equipment for Footwear and Tanneries – FIMEC 

Theme: Textile, leather, shoes, machines and textile technology 
Date: March 
Location: Fenac, Novo Hamburgo (Rio Grande do Sul) 
Country: Brazil 
Exhibitors: > 500 

This is the most important event for the leather and footwear industry in Latin America. Here you will find a wide range of products such as hides and skins, chemical products, machines and technologies. 

More facts about FIMEC 

  • 36,400m2 construction volume. 
  • 30,000 m2 of exhibition space 
  • 2,000 parking spaces 

This fair is a great relationship and marketing tool that, in addition to advertising for the participating companies, also enables direct contact with international business partners. 

International Footwear & Leather Show – IFLS & Specialized Leather, Supplies, Machinery Exhibition – EICI 

Topic: Textile, leather, machines and textile technology, trade 
Date: February 
Location: Corferias, Bogota 
Country: Colombia 
Exhibitors: > 207 

The International Footwear and Leather Show takes place in Bogota, Colombia. Thanks to the various exhibitors, you can find all kinds of clothing, shoes and various items in leather and fur at this fair. 

In addition to marketing these products, there are technologies, services and other elements to be at the forefront of the latest fashion trends, which result in sales of about 18,000 million COP. 

Logistics Trade Shows in Latin America 


Theme: Logistics in retail 
Date: August 
Location: Predio La Rural, Buenos Aires 
Country: Argentina 
Exhibitors: > 250 
Visitors: 20,000 

EXPOLOGISTI-K presents the best logistics and supply chain professionals and welcomes participants from all over the world. Here you will find logistics for all business processes. 

 Exhibitors are companies specializing in the following areas: 

  • Packaging, 
  • Production, 
  • Storage, 
  • Transport 
  • Sales. 
  • More than 18,000 m2

TOC Americas

Theme: Port processes and logistics, transport, import and export processes of goods 
Date: October 
Venue: The Westin Lima Hotel & Convention Center, Lima 
Country: Peru 

This conference is aimed at terminal operators and other logistics professionals in the area of shipping centers or ports. 

With the participation of more than 40 countries you will find: 

  • Shippers 
  • Suppliers 
  • Logistic managers 
  • Shipping lines 
  • Port authorities 
  • Terminal operators 
  • And other key industry players. 

 Some of the key activities at this event are: 

  • The Container Supply Chain Conference: This conference brings together representatives from across the international supply chain. 
  • The Port Technology Exhibition: An area dedicated to each country’s main manufacturers and suppliers of port equipment and services. 
  • TECH TOC Conference: It is dedicated to the latest advances in container terminal operations. 

Tourism Trade Shows in Latin America 

WTM Latin America

Theme: Tourism in Latin America, tourism industry 
Date: April 
Location: Expo Center North, Sao Paulo 
Country: Brazil 
Exhibitors: > 600 
Visitors: > 9,000 

The World Travel Market aims to attract the world to Latin America and to promote Latin America around the world. So if you are looking to expand in the tourism sector, this is the ideal show for you. 

There are thousands of opportunities for networking, business, alliances and seminars focused on the travel and tourism sector. 

All of this is thanks to the more than 47 seminars and conferences held at the fair. 

Vitrina Turística ANATO

Theme: Tourism, hotels, airlines, travel agencies, and tourism industry 
Date: February 
Location: Corferias, Bogota 
Country: Colombia 
Exhibitors: > 700 
Visitors: > 10,500 

Organized by the Colombian Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies (ANATO), Vitrina Turística (Tourist Showcase) is the country’s most important tourism industry event. This is an event not open to the general public. 

 This commercial event brings together companies and professionals from travel agencies, trade associations, car rental companies, hotels, educational institutions and airlines to present the goods, services and product chain of the tourism industry on a national and international level. 

Also, each edition generates more than 3,500 jobs in the city of Bogota, as well as more than 120,000 commercial contracts, which is equivalent to USD 47 million annually for the total of the Showcase.

MICE Business Tourism Trade Shows in Latin America 

Evento Business Show – EBS Fair 

Theme: MICE tourism, corporate events, tourism industry 
Date: June 
Venue: Reboucas Convention Center, Sao Paulo 
Country: Brazil 
Exhibitors: > 80 

The unmissable Evento Business Show is the largest exhibition, congress and business conference in Brazil dedicated to the MICE and T&D (Transport & Distribution) segments. 

Brazil takes place at the same time as the MICE Brazil Congress and the Speed Meeting EBS, the trade fair’s business roundtable. 

In this space, you will find about 600 business rounds and various participants of this sector to boost the market of corporate events, training and incentives. 

It is the perfect event to learn everything about MICE tourism and to find the best meeting and event destination for business travelers from small, medium and large companies. 

Incentives Business Travels & Meetings – IBTM Americas 

Theme: MICE tourism, corporate events, tourism industry 
Date: August 
Location: Centro Citibanamex, Mexico City 
Country: Mexico 
Exhibitors: > 600 

Incentives Business Travels & Meetings caters to organizers of meetings and events in North and South America. 

The participants include trade associations, service providers for event production, event technology, and transport and travel services. 

Thanks to the great opportunity to participate in more than 14,000 professional events, you can find new ideas for your business, meet new suppliers for any product you need and network with companies from other countries in the field of tourism. 

Mining Trade Shows in Latin America 


Theme: Technology and machines for mining processes, mining 
Date: April 
Location: Centro de Exposiciones Jockey, Lima 
Country: Peru 
Exhibitors: >1,270 
Visitors: >110,000 

EXPOMINA brings together the world’s leading mining suppliers to showcase the latest in mining machinery, technology and services. Activities such as conferences, business rounds and promotions take place. 

More facts about EXPOMINA 

  • 47,000 m2 
  • More than 34 countries 
Economic data 
  • US$700 million in purchases 


Theme: Mining machinery and technology, mining industry business network 
Date: June 
Venue: Recinto Ferial y de Actividades Comunitarias, Antofagasta 
Country: Chile 
Exhibitors: > 1,000 
Visitors: > 41,000 

This fair is one of the largest in Latin America with the participation of 30 invited countries. The aim is to exchange information on future investments, technologies and opportunities for the growth of the mining industry and to create business networks on a national and international level. 

More facts about EXPONOR 

Economic data 
  • US$ 850 billion in business 
Special services 
  • Around 2,200 meetings with 120 executives from 27 mining companies. 
  • Visits to mining and industrial sites. 
  • 115 technical lectures by experts from the mining and energy sector. 
  • Seminars

Design Fairs in Latin America 

La Feria de Diseño

Theme: Industrial design, architecture, and infrastructure 
Date: July 
Location: Plaza Mayor Convention Center, Medellin, Colombia 
Country: Colombia 
Exhibitors: >170 
Visitors: >18,000 

This fair is the largest design business platform in the country. Participants from key design sectors will be featured, such as: 

  • Digital design,  
  • Interior design 
  • Graphic design, 
  • Industrial design, 
  • Architecture, 
  • Marketing, 
  • Technology, 
  • Restaurants, 
  • Construction 

Workshops and conferences will be offered, where there will also be networking spaces to create connections between brands, professionals and buyers for the realization of possible deals.

Transportation in Colombia for Business Travelers Expert Guide

Colombia-MICE is part of the Pelecanus Travel Group. We are located in Bogota, Colombia. We are specialized in corporate travel and all services around Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions. 

Let’s say you plan to come to Colombia soon for a meeting or a convention. But you don’t know how to get there and how to get around the country once you arrive.  

Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’re telling you everything you need to know about transportation in Colombia for business travel. From means of transportation, infrastructure and insider tips, so don’t worry! 

What you need to know first about Colombia

Colombia is a big country. With an area of around 1,140,000 sq km, it is in the top 30 largest countries. To give you an idea, it is “slightly less than twice the size of Texas. (The World Factbook)

But not only that. Colombia is as diverse geographically as it is culturally. You find 2 coasts, remote islands, the Andes mountain range that splits into three, also vast plains, and the lush Amazon rainforest. To get to some destinations, you have to cross mountains – literally. 

So, getting around is not necessarily intuitive and there are plenty of ways to choose from. 

Air transportation in Colombia 

Flying from one Colombian city to another is our recommended option for business travelers. It saves time and provides the most comfortable journey. It costs more –naturally, but it’s worth it. 

For short distances, there are alternatives though. And if your team doesn’t mind compromising a bit of time and space, you could choose road transportation. 

However, you need to know that the distances between the major cities can be considerable. So if long connections are included in your itinerary, traveling by air wins. 

All major cities and towns in Colombia have an airport and some remote towns too, so most of the country is pretty accessible. There are various airlines serving them that range in prices, as well as in qualityTo ensure the best price available, book in advance and from the local version of the website. That means you will have to browse in incognito mode and select the local language and currency. We can always help you with the whole process. 

Main airports in Colombia 

The following information about routes and connections is subjected to changes due to travel restrictions during the pandemic. 

Bogotá DC – El Dorado International Airport (BOG) 

  • International connections: the US, Canada, Argentina, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Panama, Brazil, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Chile, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Turkey  
  • Domestic flights: 27 connections all around the country 

Medellín, Rionegro, Antioquia – José María Córdova International Airport (MDE) 

  • International connections: the US, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, Panama, Dominican Republic, Aruba, Spain. 
  • Domestic flights: 11 connections. 

Cali, Palmira, Valle del Cauca – Alfonso Bonilla Aragón International Airport (CLO) 

  • International connections: the US, Panama, Chile, Peru, Spain. 
  • Domestic flights: 17 connections. 

Cartagena, Bolívar – Rafael Núñez International Airport (CTG) 

  • International connections: 11 routes to the US, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Peru, the Netherlands. 
  • Domestic flights: 7 connections. 

Other international airports in Colombia

Armenia, La Tebaida, Quindío – El Edén International Airport (AXM) 

Barranquilla, Soledad, Atlántico – Ernesto Cortissoz International Airport (BAQ) 

Bucaramanga, Lebrija, Santander – Palonegro International Airport (BGA) 

Cúcuta, Norte de Santander – Camilo Daza International Airport (CUC) 

Leticia, Amazonas – Alfredo Vásquez Cobo International Airport (LET) 

Pereira, Risaralda – Matecaña International Airport (PEI) 

San Andrés, San Andrés y Providencia – Gustavo Rojas Pinilla International Airport (ADZ) 

Santa Marta, Magdalena – Simón Bolívar International Airport (SMR) 

Main airlines in Colombia 

Avianca: It is the flag carrier of Colombia and has the second-largest fleet in South America. 

LATAM: This is the largest airline in Latin America offering 136 destinations all over the world. 

EasyFly: It was the first budget regional airline in Colombia and currently has 26 routes. 

VivaAir: It is a Colombian budget airline now with 35 routes and functioning also in Peru. 

Wingo: It is a Latin American budget airline with 42 routes. 

Satena: This is the commercial carrier of the Colombian Air Force. It takes you to the somewhat remote destinations of the country in smaller aircrafts with a reduced frequency. It has around 40 routes. 

Current regulations 

As of December 23rd, 2020, no PCR test for Covid-19 is required to enter the country. Only filling out the CheckMig form online 24 hours before the flight and presenting the email confirmation is mandatory. For leaving, the regulations depend on the country of destination. 

For more information, visit this blog about all requirements and measures to follow when flying to Colombia.  

Road transportation in Colombia 

One thing Colombia doesn’t stand out is road infrastructure. There are approximately 206,800 km of roadways – 19.300 km of which are primary roads in charge of the nation and only 2,100 km of railways. Hence, the infrastructure lag is evident. However, investment has increased and there have been huge improvements in road safety. 

There are several ways to get around the country by road for every need and budget. 

Car – Driving in Colombia 

Foreigners on a tourist visa can drive in Colombia with a valid license from their home country. It is key to carry a copy of your passport and entry stamp. Also, having a third-party liability vehicle insurance is mandatory. 

Note: In Colombia, people drive on the right lane of the road and the steering wheel is on the left side. The maximum speed is on average 60 km/h (37.2 mph) within cities and 80 km/h (49.7 mph) on roads. 

The problem here is that the driving culture in the country is chaotic. Traffic rules are vaguely followed and improvisation is common. Collisions and accidents are a daily occurrence. So, extra precaution is advised, especially on inter-city roads because motorbikes, cars, and trucks overtake carelessly. Also, traffic is a problem in every big city. Expect 1 hour minimum to get anywhere in Bogota at peak hours. 

On another note, renting a car is more expensive and complicated. You will need to have an international driving permit, acquire insurance, and spend on gas, which is not cheap either. Anyways, there are good cars rental companies such as AvisHertz, and Budget. 


The infrastructure for motorcycles is the same for cars. These vehicles are pretty common and also among the most affected in accidents. Motorcyclists tend to go in between cars ignoring basic traffic rules. Be careful with these! 

Intercity buses in Colombia

Intercity buses are a great option for shorter distances or trips without time pressure. The pros of traveling by bus in Colombia are the costs and the sights! Passengers will witness shocking landscapes and the variation of the terrain, hence the climate – depending on the points of origin and destination. 

Major cities in the country have a bus terminal and are interconnected by different routes. There are also various types of buses: Colectivosbuses, and coaches. The first ones are small vehicles that cover short distances, let’s say from Bogota to surrounding near towns, and depart once full. These can be taken on the roads or at certain points. Buses can cover the same routes but are usually booked at the terminals, just like the coaches, which are more spacious and destined for overnight journeys. 

Coaches are the most comfortable ride of the three and the most luxurious bus companies may offer near-flat beds, Wi-Fi, snacks, and entertainment. For long journeys, warm clothes and blankets are especially needed since the A/C gets real. Among the usual stops these buses make are at restaurants and military or police checkpoints. 

Some of the famous bus companies are Copetran, Expreso Bolivariano, Expreso Brasilia and Flota La Macarena. 

On the RedBus website, you can plan your travel and compare prices. 

Bicycle transport in Colombia

Cycling is a major thing in Colombia. Some local sportsmen have made it to the largest tours and competitions. Cycling as a means of transportation is also common, but not on the same level. Colombians are slowly switching to this activity but are sometimes set back by lack of improved infrastructure and/or safety. 

Not that the whole infrastructure is deficient. More exclusive bikeways are being built and security is improving. Bogotá is the city with the most kilometers of bikeways in Latin America! And every Sunday and holiday closes main roads so that bikers, skaters, athletes, and pedestrians use them exclusively. There are also several points for bike rental close to parksSo, using the capital’s bikeways to get to nearby places is a fantastic idea provided that all precautions are taken. An alternative is to participate in the varied bike city tours that the major cities have to offer.  

Public transportation in Colombia 

Public transportation in Bogotá

The capital has an integrated transport system (SITP) including TransMilenioone of the largest bus rapid transit systems in the continent. It consists of a network of stations distributed throughout the city with several routes connecting them. Users can access a station with the TuLlave prepaid card recharged at kiosks in the entry. A ticket costs around $2,500 (0,71 USD!) and allows unlimited travel as long as you don’t get out of the station. Note that fares increase each year. 

TransMilenio buses are complemented with SITP Urbano which are regular buses that go around neighborhoods and connect with main roads, and with TransMiCable that is a cable car system taking citizens to their homes up in the southern hills of the city – in Ciudad Bolivar district. 

You can find information about the routes, schedules, and lines on the Transmilenio y Sitp app.

Public transportation in Medellín

This city stands out for having the most complete and modern transportation system in Colombia. Its integrated system consists of Metro, MetroplúsTranvíaEnCicla, and the SIT. All of them require the Tarjeta Cívica card and rates for tourists vary between $2,700 to a little more than $4,000 (0.77-1.14 USD) depending on the services-routes used. 

The metro of Medellin is 34.5 km long and has 27 stations, there also is a system of cablecars called MetroCable

Metroplús is the bus rapid transit system and has 3 lines. The tramway has a 4.3 km railroad and is completely electric. The SIT is the urban bus that serve all zones of the city. And, finally, you can benefit from the public bicycle system called EnCicla. 

Public transportation in Cali

Another city with an integrated mass transportation system is Cali. It is called MIO and this time is made up of articulated and complimentary buses that cover 93% of the city. This system also requires a prepaid card to access the stations that can be personal or valid for only one ticket. 

Public transportation in Cartagena

TransCaribe is the integrated mass transportation system of Cartagena, of the bus rapid transit type and with 15 km in lines. Access is through a card that can be anonymous or customized. 

Public transportation in the Coffee Region

Pereira is the largest city in the region and also offers a bus rapid transit system integrated with other types of buses to transport citizens and tourists. It also works with a prepaid card.

The highlight of Manizales is its cable car for public transportation with 2 lines and 4 stations. But there also are regular buses.

Last, in Armenia, there is another integrated system with different routes and vehicles. 

The three cities are interconnected by excellent roads, and there are bus terminals. For a little more adventure, take a Willy instead of a bus. Willy Jeeps are pretty common in the coffee region as a means of public transportation. These are always full of passengers or cargo and take the most daring roads. 

Public transportation in Yopal

Since it is a smaller and rural city, the means of transportation found in Yopal are common buses and taxis. From the bus terminal, it is possible to make connections to different regions of the country including Bogotá, of course.  

In many cities, there are still these old buses that go around neighborhoods and main roads, which don’t belong to the established integrated transportation systems. These are called Busetas and take you for a cheaper rate in cash.

Taxis in Colombia

Taking taxis in Colombia is easy and usually cheap. But be aware that locals may take advantage of tourists and charge them exaggeratedly for a ride. Some will have taximeters and rate charts, some won’t. In cities where taxis don’t use taximeters, usually, there are fixed fares for destinations or distances. And it is common for taxis going to and from the airports to have a fixed fare.  

Anyway, a recommendation is to always ask the price of the ride to your destination in advance and bargain when possible. A little Spanish is always useful. 

The yellow vehicles can be hailed on the street or called through phone lines or apps such as EasyTaxi. Using an online app is definitely the best way to get one. 

Online transportation platforms in Colombia

For more security and reliable fares, you can download one of these ride apps available in Colombia. Be sure to read the terms and conditions before using them to avoid surprises. 

Uber: It has been a problematic platform in the country to the point it was considered illegal. For that reason, passengers would always sit on the front seat to look like a normal family car. Now, Uber is back but it works differently. Every time you call an uber you agree to a contract by which you rent a car with a driver and therefore, you are responsible for them until you get to your destination. 

Beat: It is a cheaper version of Uber



We know that business travel has specific demands regarding transportation and it gets a bit more complicatedBut we can take care of all of your needs for your corporate trip to Colombia. 

The 3 Best Cities for Exhibitions in Colombia

Colombia-MICE is part of the Pelecanus Travel Group. We are located in Bogota, Colombia. We are specialized in corporate travel and all services around Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions. 

Colombia recently saw an opportunity and laid its eyes on the MICE industry, thus developing infrastructure and competitiveness for that in different cities. Currently, the results are starting to come.  

“23% of tourism’s economic contribution in Colombia comes from the Meetings Industry”. In addition, only in 2018, the business events hosted in the country generated almost 220,000 jobs and attracted 469,000 international attendees. (ProColombia)  

Thanks to the 154 ICCA-type events held here in 2019, Colombia ranks in the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA)’s top 30 countries with the most international congresses. 

Throughout the country, a wide range of exhibitions and trade shows are held dedicated to industries such as tourism, technology, agroindustry, health, beauty, fashion, automotive, literature and culture, among others. All of them attract thousands of travelers from inside and outside Colombia every year. 

What are the best cities for exhibitions in Colombia, then? We will tell you right away. 

City for exhibitions in Colombia #1: Bogotá 

Most business events of the country are held in Bogotá, the capital city, and Cundinamarca – the department where it is located. It is no surprise, of course. This region boasts the largest and most modern infrastructure for meetings, conferences, and exhibitions. And its offer for incentive travel is not left behind. 

Also, most large companies – national and international, are based in the capital city. As a result, business opportunities are increased. 

Main venue for exhibitions: Corferias 


The main venue for exhibitions in Bogotá is actually a private organization whose largest shareholder is the Bogota Chamber of Commerce. The Bogota International Center for Business and Exhibitions –Corferias has been promoting industrial, cultural, and commercial development in the region in the last 66 years and today is one the most important fair organizers-venues in Latin America. 

Corferias is a founding member of the Latin American Exhibitions Association (AFIDA), member of the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE), and the main Latin American partner of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI). 

The fairground holds fairs, exhibitions, events, and conventions of all kinds – and it is even the most attended voting place in the city. The organization offers 3 venues in Bogota for business events: 

Corferias: The main venue, a large area with 23 exhibition halls (mostly two-story) interconnected by pedestrian paths, an auditorium, food court and parking lot, and an adjacent Hilton hotel. 

Ágora Bogotá: Next to Corferias is this recently-built international convention center of 65,000 m2 with multi-purpose spaces distributed on 5 floors and over 18 meeting rooms. Only the last floor has capacity for 4,000 people. 

Gran Carpa Américas: This is a multi-purpose space, a column-free covered area of 5,000 m2 and 17 meters high. It is located 10 minutes on foot from the fairground. 

Venue for exhibitions #2: Bogota Chamber of Commerce 


Bogota Chamber of Commerce also offers several spaces to hold meetings, exhibitions, and congresses all over the city. It is a private non-profit organization that seeks to build a sustainable Bogota region through supporting entrepreneurs and improving the business environment.  

It has 8 offices in different sectors of the city with event spaces available for rent. The rooms and auditoriums vary in capacity, the auditorium in the Salitre office is the largest since it can host up to 1,000 people. 

  • Salitre 
  • Chapinero 
  • Cedritos 
  • Kennedy 
  • Restrepo 
  • Soacha 
  • Fusagasugá 
  • Zipaquirá  

Among the most important exhibitions and events held in Bogota are: 

  • International tourism fair – ANATO 
  • International Book Fair – FILBO 
  • ComicCon Colombia 
  • Expoartesanías 
  • World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates – 2017 
  • One Young World – 2017 
  • FIEXPO Latin America – 2022 

Visit the Bogota page for more information on venues for exhibitions and business meetings. 

City for exhibitions in Colombia #2: Medellín 

Medellin is another important Colombian city in terms of business and infrastructure. The local chamber of commerce is working in the promotion of the city as a MICE destination while strengthening the synergy between industries and organizations. 

The ‘city of eternal spring’ is recognized as a hub for innovation, technology, accessibility, and sustainable development. Plus, it has a complete ‘Bleisure’ offer: business and leisure. 

Main venue for exhibitions: Plaza Mayor Medellín 


Plaza Mayor is the International Convention and Exhibition Center of Medellin and is located in the Alpujarra sector. Its shareholders are public and private institutions that have the same goal since the 90s, which is to promote Medellin as a business tourism destination. 

The venue has hosted national and international events including the OAS General Assembly and the IDB General Assembly. 

The convention center has 9 exhibition halls that make up over 13,000 m2, 23 convention rooms, and wide squares for circulation and events too. 

Among the most important exhibitions and events held in Medellin are: 

  • Colombiatex 
  • Colombiamoda – Colombia’s Fashion Week 
  • ComicCon Colombia 
  • World Business Forum – 2017 
  • FIEXPO Latin America – 2021 

Visit the Medellin page for more information on venues for exhibitions and business meetings. 

City for exhibitions in Colombia #3: Cartagena 

Cartagena attracts tons of travelers mainly because of its Caribbean magic reflected on the preserved colonial architecture and amazing beaches. Perhaps thanks to this magic, for some time now, the coastal city has also become a preferred destination for MICE activities. 

It is just a few positions behind Bogota in the America ICCA ranking of number of meetings per city, ranking 12th. 

Main venue for exhibitions: Centro de Convenciones Cartagena de Indias 


The Cartagena de Indias Convention Center is without a doubt the main place for business-related exhibitions and events of the city. Inaugurated in 1982, it has hosted many important national and international events due to its versatile infrastructure and strategic location – in the heart of the cityAnd it is worth saying that the historic center of Cartagena is declared a World Heritage Site. 

This L-shaped building has many spaces that can be adapted according to the event. Of all, San Francisco plaza with 4000 m²El Gran Salón Barahona, and Claustro de las Animas, both with 1270 m² are the largest and most representative areas. Also, there is an auditorium for 1,462 people and 10 more rooms with different capacities. 

Among the most important exhibitions and events held in Cartagena are: 

  • Gaming & Technology (GAT) Expo 
  • International Congress of ICT – ANDICOM 
  • UNWTO Tourism Tech Adventures – 2019 
  • FIEXPO Latin America – 2020 
  • ICCA World Congress – 2021 

Visit the Cartagena page for more information on venues for exhibitions and business meetings. 

These were some of the leading Colombian cities for exhibitions and congresses that you should consider for your MICE travel. But Colombia has a lot more to offer. Contact us for more information and customized support. 

28 Exhibitions in Colombia You Should Attend

Colombia-MICE is part of the Pelecanus Travel Group. We are located in Bogota, Colombia. We are specialized in corporate travel and all services around Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions.

Exhibitions of all kinds are held in Colombia all year round. Perhaps you belong to the tourism, fashion, technology, or maybe the construction sector and want to know which is the ideal trade show to showcase your products and services? Read on.

Following, you will find a chronological list of the main exhibitions in Colombia for different sectors of the economy.

Note: Attending an exhibition in Colombia might be a striking experience – culturally speaking. So, we’ve written an article on the Do’s and Don’ts as an exhibition visitor to guide you through it.

Exhibitions in Colombia in January

COLOMBIATEX de las Américas

City Medellín
Venue Plaza Mayor Medellín Convenciones y Exposiciones
Organizer Inexmoda
Sector Fashion – Textile

COLOMBIATEX is an international trade show for the fashion industry, where textiles, design, and supplies are the center of attention. It is organized by the Institute for Exports and Fashion (Inexmoda).

The fair has been growing considerably, 2020’s version had 21 participant countries, over 500 exhibitors, and a business expectation of over 750 USD million. For 2021, the event will take place through physical and virtual platforms.


Date January and August
City Bogotá
Venue Corferias Convention Center
Organizer Corferias
Sector Leather

The International Footwear and Leather Show – IFLS occurs twice a year combined with the International Exhibition of Leather Supplies, Machines and Technologies – EICI. They are the largest business platform in Colombia and the Andean Region where manufacturers, buyers, designers, and suppliers of the leather sector gather and share trends.

There you can find all kinds of footwear, clothing, and travel items made of leather. Also, connect with its manufacturers, designers, and suppliers of materials, machines, and other technological devices key to the sector. The program includes fashion shows and conferences too.

Exhibitions in Colombia in February


Frequency Every 2 years.
City Bogotá
Venue Corferias Convention Center
Organizer Koelnmesse, Corferias
Sector Wood and furniture

INTERZUM was first known as the Furniture & Wood Fair. This is a trade show that exhibits machinery, supplies, and services for the industries of wood transformation and furniture manufacturing of Colombia, the Andean region, and Central America.

The 14th edition had over 13,400 professional visitors, 100 national companies, and 92 international companies, closing with business expectations of 13 USD million. INTERZUM Bogotá offers great opportunities to enter this high-potential market.

Vitrina Turística ANATO

City Bogotá
Venue Corferias Convention Center
Organizer Anato, Corferias
Sector Tourism – Travel

Vitrina Turística Anato is the most important event in the tourism industry in Colombia since 1982 and takes place every year in February. The Colombian Association of Travel Agencies and Tourism is in charge of its organization and the event is targeted at professional visitors (businesspeople in the sector), not the general public.

Here, the biggest companies including hotels, travel agencies, and tour operators, showcase their products while other smaller providers and local delegations make the visitors fall in love with their regional destinations.

In 2020, there were 35 countries, all 32 Colombian departments, and 16 Heritage Towns of Colombia involved for a total of 3,400 exhibitors and 42,000 participants. For the 40th version, in 2021, this will be a key setting to reactivate business in the sector, connect with providers from all Colombia and the invited countries, and transition to more sustainable tourism.

Exhibitions in Colombia in March


City Bogotá
Venue Corferias Convention Center
Organizer Federación Odontológica Colombiana, Corferias
Sector Dental

Odontotech is a specialized fair that takes place within the (larger) Meditech Fair.

There you can find the main national companies and representatives of the leading brands in the dental industry nationally and globally to build valuable business connections. It offers the possibility to discover the latest innovations in products and services on dental technology. Therefore, the event is targeted at administrative, financial, and sales managers from dental clinics and other professionals on dental health, as well as international buyers from Latin America.

Meditech – Feria Internacional de la Salud

City Bogotá
Venue Corferias Convention Center
Organizer ACHC, Corferias
Sector Medicine

The International Health Fair – Meditech, has been organized for 7 years by the Colombian Association of Hospitals and Clinics – ACHC, and Corferias. It is the business hub for the health sector in Latin America and its public is highly specialized, with decision-making power, thus facilitating the closing of business deals and networking.

2021 brings a new international partner – Messe Dusseldorf, which is the organizer of the leading health fair Medica. Meditech 2021 “Powered by Medica” is the opportunity to keep up to date with the innovations and trends on medical technology, do business, and connect with the main actors in the industry.


Frequency Every 2 years.
City Bogotá
Venue Corferias Convention Center
Organizer Koelnmesse GmbH, Corferias
Sector Food – Hospitality

Alimentec has become the top platform for the food-restoration and hospitality industry in the Andean region, the Caribbean, and Latin America. This event is ideal to showcase several products and services related to gastronomy and seek business opportunities with leading enterprises.

Segments of the fair go from meats and dairy to bakery, frozen goods, organic products, and drinks. In its last edition, Alimentec had a total of 449 companies from 30 countries, as well as 28,400 professional visitors – who obtained solutions and got to know market news and sector trends from its participation.

Exhibitions in Colombia in April

Feria Internacional del Medio Ambiente – FIMA

Frequency Every 2 years.
City Bogotá
Venue Corferias Convention Center
Organizer Corferias
Sector Environment – Sustainability

The International Environmental Fair is a referent platform promoting sustainability and environmental care in today’s society.

What you can find here is an exhibition of environmental products and services aimed at the productive sector, but the event serves as a meeting point between different actors of the productive chain. The participant sectors are the industries of energy, water treatment, air and climate protection, biodiversity, waste management, the public entities and corporations, the academic sector, international organizations, private companies with environmental projects, among others.

Today, FIMA is the main platform for the dissemination of high-impact environmental programs and projects. Also, it is the most important center for commercial, technological, specialized service, and academic transactions in the region on the sustainability matter.

GAT Expo

City Cartagena
Venue Centro de Convenciones Cartagena de Indias
Organizer 3A Producciones
Sector Gaming – Technology

The Gaming & Technology Expo brings modernity to the classic city of Cartagena every year. Formerly known as FADJA, the GAT Expo now expands to the world of technology as it is what drives innovation to the gaming industry. It is the greatest meeting for global trade between manufacturers, suppliers, national operators, foreigners, and associations.

Platforms, software, cybersecurity, online betting and games, e-sports, and more can be found at this fair. The academic agenda, institutional events, and networking opportunity are other attractions of the GAT Expo. And Colombia, currently with 2,500,000 active online players, is the best location for an event of this level.

Exhibitions in Colombia in May

Feria Internacional del Libro – FILBO

Date Late April – early May
City Bogotá
Venue Corferias Convention Center
Organizer Corferias
Sector Literature – Culture

Bogota’s International Book Fair is one of the most famous exhibitions in the country and Latin America. It revolves around literature and culture and is an amazing experience for both visitors and exhibitors. Every year starting 33 years ago, this fair gathers every actor in the book chain: authors, editors, proofreaders, translators, distributors, agents, and booksellers.

This is the place to discover all the stories from all of Colombia, but also from around the world since there are always international guests. And apart from the commercial exhibition of books and related products, there is a complete academic and cultural agenda that keeps the dynamism of the event.

This year’s fair was held virtually and you can find an online book offer on the webpage.

Expoconstrucción & Expodiseño

Frequency Every 2 years
City Bogotá
Venue Corferias Convention Center
Organizer Corferias
Sector Architecture – Design

Expoconstrucción & Expodiseño is an international fair promoting the development of the construction, architecture, infrastructure, and design sectors in the region.

2019’s version brought together 57,000 visitors and more than 500 national and international exhibitors, who presented the latest trends in materials, machinery, equipment, tools, and services, as well as issues related to productivity and sustainable development in the country. Business expectations reached over 65 USD million. Because of that, this exhibition is one of the most important settings for knowledge, innovation, and technology for the sector.


Frequency Every 2 years
City Bogotá
Venue Sheraton Bogotá
Organizer Sofex Americas Ltda
Sector Logistics and Transportation Engineering

Andinatraffic is an international trade show about transit and transportation technologies. In its 2019 edition, there were over 1,200 participants, nearly 90 exhibitors, and 20 countries from America, Europe, and Asia.

Throughout its 10 years of existence, the fair allows an exchange of knowledge and contacts since different recognized businesses and brands of the sector participate and there are courses, conferences, and workshops by international experts.

Exhibitions in Colombia in June


City Bogotá
Venue Corferias Convention Center
Organizer Cámara Colombiana de la Confección y Afines, Corferias
Sector Textiles – Clothing

Createx is the most relevant platform for knowledge and products-services offer in the national textile and clothing industry. It gathers the best business specialized in textiles, supplies, machinery, technology, and services of the sector and allows them to improve their presence in the market and analyze competitors.

Last version, over 90 brands attended as exhibitors and 8,400 people visited. There are networking spaces, an academic agenda, a program for showing new trends, and a space for a fashion showcase.

Comic-Con Colombia

Date June (BOG) / December (MED)
City Bogotá – Medellín
Venue Corferias Convention Center (BOG) – Plaza Mayor (MED)
Organizer Planet Comics, Corferias
Sector Culture – Entertainment

The famous pop culture convention held in many cities in the world also takes place every year in Colombia. With 2 versions, one in Bogota and the other in Medellin, thousands of people gather to enjoy scenic arts, dance, music, cosplay, anime, literature, and gaming. This is a great platform for pop culture lovers to showcase their talents and connect with others.

Comic-Con involves the participation of the main film and TV studios, videogames, and editorials so it is also an advertising platform for these businesses. Commercial stands, academic talks, product launches, and special guests make part of the largest entertainment exhibition in Colombia and the world.

Exhibitions in Colombia in July

Colombia Moda

City Medellín
Venue Plaza Mayor Medellín Convenciones y Exposiciones
Organizer Inexmoda
Sector Fashion

Colombiamoda is Colombia’s fashion week and takes place every year in the city of Medellín. The organizer – Inexmoda, is a private organization that aims at supporting and promoting the fashion industry of Colombia to the rest of the world.

Colombiamoda showcases fashion and garment from Colombian designers and brands and it is actually the most important fashion show in Latin America! The 570 brands exhibiting and 25 runways throughout the 3 days of the event confirm that. The public has direct access to the selling brands but also specialized buyers from Colombia and abroad (wholesalers, distributors, etc.) have a VIP space for doing business. Lectures and workshops are also available.

If you work in the fashion industry, you cannot miss Colombiamoda.

Agroexpo Bogotá

Frequency Every 2 years
City Bogotá
Venue Corferias Convention Center
Organizer Corferias
Sector Agriculture

Agroexpo is Bogota’s international fair of the cattle and agricultural industry. With 42 years of history, it has reached international recognition, especially in Central America and the Caribbean.

Every region of Colombia gets to showcase their best cattle and other animals, and products to the rest of the world. Guest countries present the latest trends in machinery and technology for agriculture, and experts open spaces for academic discussion. It is also an opportunity for networking and doing business internationally.

F-Air Colombia

Frequency Every 2 years
City Rionegro, Medellín
Organizer Aeronáutica Civil de Colombia, Fuerza Aérea Colombiana
Sector Aeronautics

Colombia is a leading country in aeronautics in the region, so F-Air is the trade show that promotes opportunities to create new business connections and present updates in the civil and defense air sector. Apart from networking and commercial exhibition, there is an academic agenda, aircrafts exhibitions, and air shows for the public.

Guest exhibitors from all over the world enrich this event that seeks the development of the national aeronautic and aerospace industry.

Exhibitions in Colombia in August


City Bogotá
Venue Corferias Convention Center
Organizer Andigraf, Corferias
Sector Graphic design – Printing

Andigráfica is the meeting point and business center of the graphic industry in Latin America. Here, the latest trends and solutions on machinery and equipment, supplies, digital animation, design, advertising, and printing are presented. The future of the industry is 3D printing, augmented reality, and other technological innovations that many business models are already implementing.

With over 150 exhibitors and 15,000 professional visitors, this fair connects all the actors in the productive chain. At Andigráfica, visitors can do business, exchange knowledge, make contacts, present trends, and strengthen their products and services.

Gran Salón Inmobiliario

City Bogotá
Venue Corferias Convention Center
Organizer Corferias, Lonja de Bogotá
Sector Real Estate – Investors

The Gran Salon Inmobiliario is the most complete trade show of the sector in Colombia. This event brings together in one place the most representative national and international construction, development, real estate, and urbanization companies. These have an attractive and wide range of investment projects in residential, office, hotel, commercial, and industrial real estate assets, both national and international.

Lectures, auctions, financial advice, and more can be found in this exhibition targeted at strategic investors.

Exhibitions in Colombia in September


City Bogotá
Venue Corferias Convention Center
Organizer Corferias
Sector Security

The International Security Fair ESS+ is the largest business and exhibition platform in the Latin American region of the sector. It has 4 segments: security, cybersecurity, fire safety, and work safety. Annually, leading companies in security solutions exhibit innovations to face the challenges in technology and design.

The purpose of this trade show is to promote investment in security in the countries of the region which have a high population density and are a relevant market for manufacturers and distributors. The value offered at ESS+ is the possibility to connect with leaders and experts of the industry, establish alliances, and do business.


City Cartagena
Venue Cartagena de Indias Convention Center
Organizer Cintel
Sector ICT

ANDICOM is the international congress of Information and Communication Technologies that brings together the main actors of the industry in the Caribbean city of Cartagena. 2020’s edition was virtual though, taking advantage of the digital technologies.

This trade show includes a commercial exhibition, an academic agenda presenting the latest technological solutions for the current context, and different networking activities.

Belleza y Salud

City Bogotá
Venue Corferias Convention Center
Organizer Corferias
Sector Cosmetics – Personal care

The international showcase for esthetics and health in Bogota attracts over 68,000 visitors and professionals in the sector such as cosmetologists, beauticians, therapists, and hairdressers from the region. What is especially attractive about this show are the competitions in different categories where these professionals test their abilities. Among them, barbering, hairdressing, makeup, nail art, and fitness.

About 450 national and international exhibitors present new brands, business models, and innovative products and technologies for health and cosmetics. Congresses, workshops, shows, and experiential zones also make part of the fair.

Exhibitions in Colombia in October


City Bogotá
Venue Corferias Convention Center
Organizer Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá
Sector Arts

Bogota’s International Art Fair – ARTBO, annually calls galleries, curators, artists, and the public from all over the world to participate in one of the most important showcases of plastic and visual arts in Colombia. The main section displays the best-ranked galleries, but also there are platforms for emerging local artists and discussion forums about contemporary arts.

This event mainly attempts to promote Bogotá as a destination for culture and business, but also to generate spaces for commercial networking, cultural exchange, research, and dissemination of the local artistic offer.

During October, various cultural events take place in the capital of Colombia, ARTBO being the central axis. This is why it is considered one of the must-see events in the art circuit worldwide.

Cafés de Colombia Expo

City Bogotá
Venue Corferias Convention Center
Organizer Federación Nacional de Cafeteros, Corferias
Sector Coffee – Food processing

Cafés de Colombia Expo is the most important specialty coffee trade show in Colombia and Latin America. It integrates the entire coffee value chain and offers a scene to display and promote market trends and innovations nationally and globally.

This fair welcomes coffee farmers, unions, exporters, machinery and supplies producers and distributors, support entities, and certifiers, all related to the coffee industry. It has academic, commercial, and cultural activities that allow establishing new valuable connections, business agreements, and exchange knowledge.


Frequency Every 2 years
City Bogotá
Venue Corferias Convention Center
Organizer Asocolflores, Corferias
Sector Floriculture

Proflora is one of the largest fairs for the floriculture industry worldwide. It is held every 2 years in Colombia – the world’s second-largest exporter of flowers, after the Netherlands. The country is also the world’s largest exporter of carnations and the US’s first supplier.

Exhibiting a portfolio of over 1,600 flower varieties, Proflora attracts more than 1,000 international buyers and 7,000 general visitors during its 3 days. Activities include visits to flower farms in Bogota’s surroundings, exhibitions, talks, and a fun official closing reception.

Exhibitions in Colombia in November


City Bogotá
Venue Corferias Convention Center
Organizer Koelnmesse, Corferias
Sector Packaging

Andinapack is the international trade show of the packaging industry. It showcases products, equipment, and services related to packaging and cutting-edge technology for food and beverage processing, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, personal hygiene, printing and labeling, and agribusiness industries.

The fair attracts the biggest buyer groups of the mentioned industries and serves as their main platform for networking and keeping up to date with the innovations and trends in the Latin American region.


City Bogotá
Venue Corferias Convention Center
Organizer Federación Nacional de Cacaoteros, Corferias
Sector Chocolate – Food processing

Chocoshow is a scene for the visibility, experience, and knowledge of the cocoa and chocolate subsector in Colombia. It is a great chance for local and international brands to get closer to the end consumer and stay informed about the trends and developments in the industry.

During the 3 days of the fair, about 17,000 visitors enjoy the Colombian chocolate experience provided by hundreds of exhibitors. This comprehends cacao tasting, activities for children, conferences, workshops, and even a chocolate fashion show!

Exhibitions in Colombia in December


City Bogotá
Venue Corferias Convention Center
Organizer Corferias
Sector Handicrafts – Culture

Expoartesanías is Colombia’s largest handicrafts fair and takes place during the first weeks of December in Bogotá. Visitors can discover the great artisan richness of the country made up of different regional traditions in one place. And not only discover but experience the traditions.

This trade show seeks to help local artisans reach wider markets, nationally and internationally. However, foreign exhibitors (artisans, public and private organizations representatives, and NGOs) are also welcomed to showcase their products as long as they involve crafts and traditional techniques of the country of origin.


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What is Corporate Volunteering+ Great Programs in Colombia

Colombia-MICE is part of the Pelecanus Travel Group. We are located in Bogota, Colombia. We are specialized in corporate travel and all services around Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions.

Companies, big or small, have an impact on society. Essentially, people fund enterprises whether to solve a particular necessity in their region or to offer innovative products that make human life easier. Right? But sometimes they focus on generating profits and what’s behind it gets often forgotten.

Good news: Businesses can increase their impact through volunteering! Whatever their sector is, they can contribute positively to their communities and countries.

What is Corporate Volunteering?

This is the kind of volunteering supported by companies in which the action of employees (volunteers) represents a great contribution to social problems as they transmit their professional knowledge. It can also mean their commitment to solving specific issues inside the non-profit organization, based on the company’s expertise.

Important to clarify is that corporate volunteering is a program regulated within the company and there usually is a policy that states how much paid time off employees have per year to indulge in social work. Remember, some of your employees volunteering in a charity on weekends is a whole different thing.

So, why volunteering?

Volunteering is an excellent way to strengthen key skills within companies such as teamwork and problem-solving. And when the top management gets involved in these activities, volunteer employees show greater satisfaction and commitment to society and the company.

From this perspective, corporate volunteering has a triple impact.

Companies win. Employees become more committed, the work environment improves and so does the company’s internal and external reputation. As a result, business performance increases while the company understands different realities and leaves a positive impact on society.

Employees win. Employees develop personal satisfaction as they feel important as to have a role in a cause leading to sustainable development. And, at the same time, they get to develop or strengthen their communication, leadership, and teamwork skills, their empathy, innovation, creativity, flexibility, and many more qualities.

Society wins. Many people are benefited from the collaboration that different NGOs and institutions get from committed and capable people in several action fields.

Everybody wins!

Corporate volunteering is evolving from giving economic contributions and donations to actively participating in and committing to social causes, involving intellectual or interpersonal skills. The idea is volunteers are increasingly aware of their contribution and, at the same time, get trained on how to donate their time, knowledge, and experience to organizations.

Volunteering during the pandemic

The landscape of corporate social work is changing due to Covid-19. A study made by Osmia – an organization promoting volunteering in Latin America, to 128 big companies from 10 Latin American countries, revealed that 80% of volunteering projects changed to virtual modalities during 2020.

In the words of Verónica Aftalion, a senior consultant on corporate social responsibility and sustainability:

“If the role of volunteering was already important for society, it becomes much more relevant in the current context. In this regard, technology offers us opportunities for volunteers to remain agents of positive change in society”.

But how could you volunteer online?

  • Donations: Some groups of employees have reunited efforts to donate equipment for health workers or products of the basic market basket for people in need because of the lockdown measures.
  • Telephone support: Depending on the interests of your team, you could be of help and emotional support to elders or ill people who live alone, or all of those who have been negatively impacted by the quarantine.
  • Online scholar support: You could also help children from foundations to understand better certain topics and teach them new interesting stuff.
  • Online mentoring: Sharing your professional knowledge to entrepreneurs, small companies, or social organizations as a team is a great opportunity. They’ll learn – and you too!

Corporate Volunteering in Colombia

Although helping others can take many forms and means, in-person experiences are preferred overall because interacting face-to-face tends to feel more enriching and rewarding. And choosing the destination for volunteering can be hard, there are so many variables to filter from. But whatever you are looking for, Colombia may be the right choice for you.

Colombia is a country almost twice the size of Texas, with 32 departments, 50 million people, and the second-largest biodiversity in the world. But it also has a vulnerable economy and society due to inequality, corruption, violence, among other issues. Despite that, Colombians are extremely hard-working, joyful, and supportive people who fight for overcoming difficulties and achieve fair development every day.

This is why volunteering in Colombia is special. And here you can find immense opportunities in several cities with different environmental, economic, social, and cultural backgrounds.

The corporate volunteering market in Colombia is experiencing significant growth and each time more businesses – national and international, engage in social activities to empower local communities and help conserve the ecosystems.

The first corporate volunteer study in Colombia was carried out by the Foundation Dividendo por Colombia – United Way in 2017 and 40 of the biggest local companies participated. As an interesting founding, women are leading the way in this field. 65% of volunteers and 77% of volunteering program coordinators were women. So, these programs are a starting point for developing gender equity within national companies.

Now, let’s get to the point. What kind of programs or action fields can businesses find in Colombia for volunteering?

Education volunteering programs in Colombia

Most of the programs of foundations in Colombia are focused on education. And this is because there is a huge education breach in the country which means children living in rural and remote zones don’t even have access to primary school. In this field, activities include donating funds for scholarships, sharing time with vulnerable kids, and mentoring them on skills such as foreign languages, maths, problem-solving, creativity, leadership,  and even teaching peaceful solutions to conflicts.

Environmental volunteering programs in Colombia

Another popular focus of volunteering initiatives is the environment. Opportunities to plant trees, work in community gardens, and help local farmers are among the most common. Programs related to the conservation of animal and plant species and ecosystems, in general, can also be found. These experiences help participants understand the context of rural Colombia and cherish the availability of natural resources, among other topics.

Business volunteering programs in Colombia

This category often requires the participation of professionals with experience in business management, business strategy, marketing, advertising, and other similar fields to help foundations and small enterprises to create and develop appropriate strategies to reach their goals in a sustainable way. Also, it can be supporting the commercial and customer service areas.

Technology volunteering programs in Colombia

Similarly to the last field, tech experts can volunteer in organizations and small businesses that need to develop websites or implement specialized software to make their processes more efficient and impactful.

Logistics volunteering programs in Colombia

Programs that involve events and complex itineraries look for volunteers with excellent organization, leadership, and communication skills so that they can be in charge of planning great events, carrying out fundraising strategies, making alliances with other organizations, and leading big groups of collaborators.

Vulnerable groups volunteering programs in Colombia

Of course, there are also programs for volunteer experts in psychology, social work, health sciences, and arts. We are talking about programs that target elders, homeless, handicapped people, displaced people, violence victims… vulnerable groups of people, in general. These initiatives seek to support them emotionally, spend quality time with them, and empower them through many tools and ways. For example, creating a life project, or teaching them art/entrepreneurial skills to leave their hurdles behind and progress in life.


If you are interested in a corporate volunteering experience in Colombia, contact us. We will find the volunteer program that bests aligns with your teams’ motivation and your company’s mission and values. This way, employees and organizations can work together for improvement, for a real change in the country.

Is Colombia Safe for Business Travelers?

Colombia-MICE is part of the Pelecanus Travel Group. We are located in Bogota, Colombia. We are specialized in corporate travel and all services around Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions.

Spoiler alert: Yes

Colombia has lived with a questionable reputation for years. Drugs, guerrillas, and criminal groups used to be the first thoughts about the country. The notion of being an extremely dangerous country for tourists has kept many from discovering what this land has to offer. Now, Colombia’s landscape is way safer than before for locals and travelers alike.

COVID-19 in Colombia

The country was quarantined in 2020 for 5 months until the end of August with several confusing restrictions and permits. Although this month was reported as the peak of contagion, the country removed constraints on September 1st.  

Public or private events with crowds were still not allowed, but restaurants could open with a smaller capacity, following mandated protocols. Mask-wearing is still mandatory outside the home, everywhere. Meanwhile, it has been further relaxed and tightened at the same time. Even government officials, including the president, along with Jeff Bezos in March 2022, as well as well-known celebrities unabashedly show up without masks.   

It remains to be seen when the country will lift senseless and anti-scientific measures and return to normality.   

Is Colombia unsafe or dangerous for travelers? 

Travel advisories from various countries advise increased caution due to the risk of crime and terrorism in certain areas of Colombia.  

For over 50 years, illegal armed groups have carried out attacks, kidnapped, and held hostage foreigners and citizens as part of their fight with the state. But since the peace treaty signed in 2016 between the government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), these kinds of crimes have drastically decreased. 

However, some FARC rebels refuse to disarm and other armed groups continue to exist. Remote areas of the country are the most hit by violence and unlawful activities.

Regions not recommended for travel include all borders (Panama, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, and Brazil) and regions around them. For example, the departments of Arauca, Caqueta, Cauca, Choco, Nariño, and Putumayo, among others, but excluding capital cities and tourist spots.

Security situation in Colombia and business travel 

Fortunately, the cities for business travel are not located in high-risk areas. The major cities in Colombia have been completely safe from terrorism and serious crime for many years now.  

What does this mean for business travelers? 

In Colombia, as in Central and South America, “street crime, including pickpocketing, purse snatching, assault, and robbery, is common, particularly in larger cities such as Bogotá, Cali, Medellín, and Santa Marta” (Canada Travel Advisory). Scams and express kidnappings for money can also occur and are targeted especially at foreigners when the circumstances allow it. These brief kidnappings usually end at the nearest ATM and end as soon as the machine stops dispensing money.   

There have always been cases of poisoned foreigners in Medellin and Cartagena. These poisonings are mostly related to sex tourism. Usually, the perpetrators only want to rob the victims but are too amateurish with the dose. 

Colombian cities are safe for travelers but it is always advisable to take necessary precautions. Taking precautions means staying in known sectors of the cities, avoiding walking alone at night or in shady zones, not wearing flashy accessories nor using mobile devices in the streets, not carrying a lot of cash on trips and not hailing taxis on the street, and refraining from sex tourism or at least being very cautious 

Just in case you encounter yourself in a dangerous situation – i.e. you are robbed, or if you want to take precautions before touring the city, here is the contact information of the national police:

Emergency Line 123
Citizen’s Helpline (1) 515 91 12 (from landlines in Bogota)

018000 910600 (Rest of the country)

GAULA – Anti-kidnapping and anti-extortion 165
Traffic and Transport Police #767 (from mobiles)
E-mail [email protected]

For bilingual assistance in touristic cities, you can ask for specialized tourism police officers. They will help you with the process of filing a complaint – if you lost your documents, or with anything you need.

Lately, in Colombia strikes have taken place in large cities and can also break out from time to time. Usually, these are peaceful, but the most sensible thing to do is stay away from the places in question, monitor the situation, and plan extra time for commutes. 

Also, Colombians may invite you to a party or social event. In this case, always stay with your partners and colleagues and don’t leave your food and drinks unsupervised, since it is an opportunity for robbers and knockout drops are also known in Colombia. Also, remember that being drunk makes you easy prey.   

In general, Colombia is just like many countries around the globe. Use your common sense and the risk of something happening will already be reduced to a minimum.   

Have a good trip! 

Incredible Incentive Trips in Colombia: 8 MICE Destinations

Colombia-MICE is part of the Pelecanus Travel Group. We are located in Bogota, Colombia. We are specialized in corporate travel and all services around Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions.

In other blogs, we’ve shown you the wide offer found in Colombia in terms of meetings and business events venues. But what about incentive travel? Well, Colombia has everything you can imagine – and more.

Incentive trips are an ideal strategy to reward high-performing employees and motivate your staff in order to improve productivity and teamwork, which at the end of the day will be profitable for your company!

But what kind of incentive trips are possible in Colombia? Below are 32 examples of great experiences your team can enjoy in the main MICE Colombian cities.

Incentive trips in Bogota, Colombia

Bogota, as the capital city of Colombia and home to the main international airport of the country, is the starting point for most business travelers. Although it may give the impression of a cold, boring city in the Andes, Bogota is actually a cultural paradise full of surprises.

A city tour will bring out the contrast between the high, modern buildings and the preserved historic center La Candelaria, which is preferred by foreigners. The old town houses a good percentage of the local museums, universities, and cultural centers, besides the seat of the national government. And there are a lot of museums in the so-called South American Athens. So one of the activities here is a museum tour that will bring you on a journey through Colombian history, traditions, and forms of expression.

There is also the possibility to know the city center in more dynamic ways. A group bike tour is ideal when you want to visit the most iconic places in Bogota but time is limited. Other interesting ways to get acquainted with the local culture are through food and art. Fortunately, you can book a Bogota food tour or a graffiti tour! Plus, the finest restaurants are located in exclusive G and T zones.

Finally, climbing to the top of Monserrate mountain at 3,100 m (10,170 ft) asl is a must. Whether it is by cable car, ferry, or hiking, the panoramic view of the city from the Catholic sanctuary is worth it.

As fascinating as the city sounds, the surroundings of Bogota are even more exciting. Nature becomes the protagonist. Close towns such as La Calera, Chia, Zipaquira, Guatavita, and Suesca offer diverse incentives for hiking, partying, and even rock climbing. Depending on your motivations and needs, you could visit:

  • Chingaza National Natural Park, where you get to know the precious Paramo ecosystem where the white-tailed deer and the Andean bear live,
  • Andres Carne de Res, a restaurant/bar/club famous for its chaotic Colombian parties with delicious typical food and drinks,
  • Zipaquira’s Salt Cathedral, a striking religious monument built in a salt mine 180 m (590 ft) below the earth,
  • Guatavita Lagoon, a place of indigenous heritage and home to the well-known El Dorado legend,
  • or Suesca, the place for climbing huge rocks below the bluest skies.

Incentive trips in Medellin, Colombia

Medellin attracts a lot of business tourists because of the thriving industry of science and innovation reflected on its infrastructure, but also because of the climate. It is known as the city of eternal spring for a reason.

Just like Bogota, Medellin is full of museums and parks that give life to the city. The Botero Museum, Antioquia Museum, Explora Park, and Modern Art Museum of Medellin are some of the most attractive ones you could visit. On the other hand, the Botanical Garden and Arví Park are the perfect destinations to connect with nature without getting out of the city. There, ecotourism activities are offered.

But those who prefer absorbing culture through the streets can go on a walking tour visiting the main attractions and tasting typical food. Or take a more specific tour to Comuna 13, a once problematic neighborhood affected by violence and crime that now proves what social cooperation and sustainable tourism can do to help communities flourish.

Antioquia department – where Medellin is located, has a picturesque architecture style and culture very distinguished from other regions. Paisas are quite driven people with extreme friendliness and no fear of obstacles. All of the traditions and symbols of the paisa culture can be found in Pueblito Paisa, a viewpoint and replica of the classic Antioquia town on top of a hill. However, you could choose to visit the actual towns of Jardin, Santa Fe de Antioquia, Jerico, or Fredonia, to name a few.

Last, for a little more adventure, a day trip to Guatape is the right choice. 2 hours by car from Medellin, Guatape is a colorful town with an artificial reservoir decorated with small ‘islands’. This landscape is well-appreciated from the top of El Peñol rock, a huge rock with over 700 steps. In the reservoir, water sports such as water skiing and fishing can be practiced.

Incentive trips in Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena is probably the best-known Colombian city among tropical beaches lovers. Indeed, it could be described as a Caribbean paradise. Not only does this city in northern Colombia boast awesome beaches but it is packed with history. Founded in 1533, Cartagena keeps the colonization history alive thanks to its architecture and many museums.

The most visited place is the Walled City, the historic city center characterized by being enclosed by ramparts – as the name suggests. This was to protect the city from pirate attacks. This zone is colorful and romantic, many boutique hotels and fine restaurants are located there. Its historic and cultural importance even granted it the appointment as a World Heritage Site.

There you can also find museums such as the Inquisition Palace, the Zenu Gold Museum, the Modern Art Museum, the Naval Museum, among others. Whether on foot or by bike, you can see colonial buildings including churches such as the San Pedro Claver church and big old houses. But the city tour is not complete without a visit to the landmark of San Felipe Castle, which is a fortress as old as the city with an incredible history and view of the Caribbean sea. To complement the journey, there are several squares, parks, and markets full of exotic fruits that make the most refreshing juices perfect for the hot weather.

Of course, a trip to a coastal city cannot lack a beach day. Cartagena’s best beaches are on islands though. Tierra Bomba, Baru, and the Rosario Islands archipelago offer spectacular landscapes with clear waters, pristine nature, and a lot of fun activities to work on team-building.

Incentive trips in Cali, Colombia

The third-most populated city in Colombia sure knows how to entertain tourists. Located in the Pacific region, Cali is close to the western coast of the country but lies between 2 of the Andes mountains.

What is Cali known for? Salsa dancing. It actually is the world’s capital of salsa thanks to the unique twist local dancers give to this genre. Caleños are joyful and welcoming people that make every visitor feel at home. Obviously, they offer salsa workshops for inexperienced dancers in the many academies throughout the city and amazing shows at night.

Another trait of the Colombian Pacific is its delicious cuisine. This can be enjoyed in elegant restaurants… or the streets. San Antonio district is a special place for tasting regional and international gastronomy and interacting with locals. Nights in San Antonio hill mean handicrafts, traditional dishes and snacks, music, and street storytelling, altogether with a shocking view of the awakened Cali.

Moreover, nature destinations around Cali are unforgettable. Experiences in nature reserves include hiking, bird watching, water sports, wildlife observation, or just relaxation. The portfolio is long: Los Farallones, Bataclan, Km 18, Calima lake, San Cipriano, and Sonso lagoon are just a few of the green havens this region has to offer.

Incentive trips in the Coffee Triangle, Colombia

One thing that Colombia stands out is in coffee production. In the foothills of the Andes, three departments are among the highest-quality coffee producers in the country. Quindio, Caldas, and Risaralda house the cities of Armenia, Manizales, and Pereira respectively. This region is a haven for nature lovers who wish to get away from the bustling cities and connect with themselves in the middle of lush forests.

Certainly, most of the activities offered in the coffee triangle belong to the nature tourism sector. The essential one is a tour of a coffee farm where all the process from seed to cup is explained by the farmers themselves and you get to taste and recognize the flavor of authentic Colombian coffee. By interacting with these local families, one learns and enjoys a lot. Our two recommended farms are Hacienda Venecia in Caldas and Café San Alberto in Quindio.

Whoever visits the coffee region for an incentive trip should be prepared for adventure. Hiking is one of the most popular activities since there are a plethora of nature trails. The famous destination? Los Nevados National Natural Park, which is formed by 3 of Colombia’s remaining glaciers and other important ecosystems such as paramos and high Andean forests.

One of the most common entrances to the park is the well-known Cocora Valley, a forest of the huge Quindio wax palms, Colombian flagship tree. This is also a great choice when the travelers are not in the conditions to practice trekking in altitudes above 4,000 masl.

Now, to get to the valley you will have to start from Salento, a traditional town once only known by backpackers that is currently succumbing to the development brought by tourism. In any case, there are several other pretty historical towns worth being visited, some of which belong to the 17 Heritage Towns list of Colombia.

There is an option for calmer groups that prefer wellness and relaxation in the mild climate of this region. Thanks to the volcanic activity coming from these nevados, a wide range of hot springs are open to the public with exclusive plans packed with medicinal benefits. Spa resorts Santa Rosa de Cabal, Termales del Ruiz, and Termales del Otoño are some of the best you can find.

Last but not least, this zone is blessed with biodiversity. For this, birdwatchers – whether enthusiasts or professionals, love to go on trips to hear and observe some exotic yet beautiful species. Various lodges and birding hotspots are within the buffer zone of Los Nevados Park, so it is easier to combine all of the experiences above.

Incentive trips in Yopal, Colombia

Yopal, Casanare, as part of the vast plains in the Orinoco river basin, would be the Colombian version of the Wild West. This comparison is to give you an idea, although both places are unique. Basically, the Llanos are pure cowboy land. This region is flooded by several bodies of water surrounded by immense savannas that are home to millions of animals.

Traveling to the Llanos and not going on a Llanero safari is like not going at all. This excursion can be made on horseback or by 4×4 vehicles. Although you cannot find giraffes and rhinos, you will see large groups of capybaras, deer, giant otters, giant anteaters, colorful big birds, and even crocodiles. Of course, cattle could not be missing as it is the main economic activity of the region. El Encanto de Guanapalo is one of the most famous reserves that offer this kind of tour.

However, observing wild animals is not the only choice. You also get to live like a local cowboy and learn their chores as you get familiar with their culture! You will see how cattle ranching is not an easy job and you will be lucky to taste the local delicacies – mostly made of meat, of course. For this, consider Hato Los Deseos.


This is just an overview of all the possible incentive trips you can enjoy in Colombia. But it is enough to spark your interest in traveling to Colombia with your company. For more information or a tailor-made trip, contact us.

9 Tips for Business Meetings in Colombia – Business Etiquette

Colombia-MICE is part of the Pelecanus Travel Group. We are located in Bogota, Colombia. We are specialized in corporate travel and all services around Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions. 

We’ve listed 9 tips (do’s and don’ts) to help you have a successful business meeting in Colombia.

But before, here are the first things you should know about Colombia:

Capital city Bogota
Language Spanish
Currency Colombian peso – COP
Business hours Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm

*Some companies also work on Saturdays, but Sundays are free.

*There are 19 national holidays throughout the year. Most of them are on a Monday.

*Schedules might vary depending on the company or the region.

1. Plan and arrange meetings in advance

As with every kind of event, planning early will always be better. It is advisable to arrange meetings a couple of weeks or even a month in advance. Be sure to call the person you want to meet, because e-mails have hardly any validity in Colombia. 

In any case, confirm meetings and appointments again or even several times in the hours or days before. 

Even all these measures do not protect you from canceling an appointment at short notice. In the local culture, almost everything is confirmed in each case; it’s all about saving face. The truth usually only comes to light as soon as it is unavoidable and usually too late for alternative planning. 

2. Don’t rush the schedule in Colombia

As an explanation to the last point, Colombians – generally speaking, live a laid-back life. Schedules are important but times are not taken as rigorously as in other cultures. They take time before and after meetings to drink a tinto (black coffee) or to catch up with their partners or colleagues.

SSo do not stress out if it’s been 10 minutes and the meeting hasn’t started. As said, punctuality is rather flexible here. 15 minutes is what it usually takes to formally start a meeting unless anything extraordinary happens. Don’t take it as an offense, go with the flow. But don’t be too late either. It is, therefore, advisable to include extra time in your agenda in between meetings. 

3. In Colombia, get to know your partner first

Commonly, locals want to know about their (potential) partner or client before getting down to business. Colombians feel uncomfortable negotiating with a stranger. So, take the time to talk about your previous experience in Colombia and to share stories.

To be more specific, in Colombia, the level of basic trust among people is low. Business by handshake does not happen here. Written contracts are used for everything, and even then the trust of contractual partners is limited. On the one hand, this is related to history; on the other hand, the state institutions in Colombia do not function ideally, to put it diplomatically.   

Likewise, an obvious lie is not necessarily qualified as a lie here. It is more a form of communication. Among Latinos, people understand each other well and are aware of this, but coming from European culture, this can be quite confusing.   

4. Don’t be too straightforward

Although people from Colombia are known to be extremely friendly and welcoming, you should think carefully about what you say to them.

Latin American culture is more sensitive – somewhat different than that of Europeans, for example. Therefore, if you have something positive to say, say it. But if you have bad news to deliver, don’t be too direct, try to phrase it diplomatically. 

Colombians are emotional and very easily feel personally attacked and offended. Sometimes a little criticism is enough. Usually, you are presented with a large number of excuses and excuses. In Colombia we also say: “La culpa es de la vaca”, the cow is to blame. 

So be careful, such an incident can destroy an entire business relationship. 

5. Learn about Colombia beforehand

Colombians generally love all foreigners. If you know a little about Colombia, you will quickly take Colombians to your heart. Moreover, it is considered a sign of respect. If you also speak a little Spanish, perfect!

It is best to do a little research to know the basic things about their economy and culture. Plus, you will have a topic to break the ice with your partner.

6. Don´t make jokes about drugs, war, religion, and Pablo Escobar 

In general, don’t bring up topics like guerrilla warfare and the infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar. The long-time conflict that has struck the country has left deep scars and it is too early to come to terms with them. Colombians feel strong emotional pain and, in some cases, shame when discussing such topics.   

You can rather talk about their biodiversity, their cultural richness, and the booming sectors of their economy. 

7. Try to speak Spanish in Colombia 

As a Swiss, I’m used to adapting to foreign negotiating partners and speaking their language whenever possible. I am also used to speaking English with expats who have been living in Switzerland for more than 10 years, as they have not learned any of the 4 national languages there in all these years. 

A kind of ignorance that is certainly more pronounced in some nations than in others. 

Language is not only important for negotiations but also the basis for understanding a culture. This is all the more important in Colombia because many things work differently here. Do you want to do business in Colombia and gain trustworthy contractual partners? Learn Spanish! 

8. Choose the right clothes in Colombia 

Now, this is a less crucial aspect, but wearing the right clothes will make a better first impression of you.

Clothing varies by city and its climate. If you are used to wearing elegant suits, Bogota or Medellin will be perfect. A tailored suit is almost standard here, depending on the industry. In addition, the climate in these cities is appropriate for suits –Bogota is actually a high city at 8,530 ft above sea level. 

On the contrary, in coastal or warmer-climate cities such as Cartagena, Cali, Pereira, and Yopal, the culture – and dress code, is more uncomplicated. Business casual is a good fit here. 

9. Always include extra time in your program while in Colombia

Be generous with your time planning in all cases. For example, if you have arranged different meetings at different locations in Bogota, the general traffic congestion can quickly throw a spanner in the works. Likewise, as said, meetings or events usually do not start on time at the specified time.

Also, Colombians are very spontaneous and it is likely that your potential Colombian business partners will invite you for an off-business occasion. This might be lunch, dinner or even a weekend in their weekend house in the countryside.   

You might also be interested in knowing how organizing a business meeting in Colombia works and what to expect of an exhibition in Colombia.